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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Farrington Passes

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Robert 'Bob' Farrington who died Monday of an apparent heart attack.  Farrington, was most identified with the great pacing gelding, Rambling Willie who was a horse of pedestrian parentage who went on to become the scourge of the FFA ranks throughout his racing career, despite suffering from injuries. But Bob was more than a one horse drive, he was the complete horseman as Farrington's career stats show him with 3,163 driving victories, earning over $9 million.  While training statistics are incomplete, Farrington is officially credited with 372 training victories and $2+ million in earnings.

In memory, here is part 1 of an interview with Bob Farrington, looking back at the career of Rambling Willie.

Additional parts of the interview are found on YouTube.

There is a new outside bar at Isle of Capri Pompano Park where fans can watch the races while having a drink.  Only problem is there is a requirement to pay $5 for a seat for the privilege of watching the races while enjoying your beverage.  It is one thing to have a cover charge, but to charge the fee regardless of how many drinks you buy is plain wrong.  It is also a good way to alienate fans who feel you are picking their pockets already.

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