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Friday, July 25, 2014

The Great Teaming Debate Comes to an End

So the Great Teaming Debate which plagued the Delvin Miller Memorial has come to an end as the NJRC judges at the Meadowlands found driver Jimmy Takter guilty of interference, not of an unsatisfactory drive in the race where it was alleged he used his horse to benefit an uncoupled stablemate.  As a result, Takter has been given a 3 day driving suspension. for putting a wheel under Designed To Be.

Some people may contend an accommodation was reached to dispatch this incident as quick and painless as possible, and let's face it when it comes to racing, such speculation is virtually guaranteed.  Without proof of such a 'deal' being made, we must assume the judges handled the case properly.  Regardless, expect Takter in the sulky come Hambletonian Day for first, there is a possibility of an appeal which Takter has 48 hours from Friday to lodge which will put the suspension in abeyance.  However, the judges typically set the suspension to be within two weeks of the finding of guilt.  Even if suspended for the Hambletonian weekend and Takter decides not to appeal, expect him in the bike as a suspended driver may drive in paid-in races if he accepts an additional day on his suspension.

If an appeal is made and later upheld, when would the suspension take place?  With the Meadowlands closing next weekend, the next date the suspension could occur would be August 28 when Freehold Raceway resumes racing, but some judges prefer the dates be served at the track where the infraction took place which  means the suspension wouldn't take place until November when the Meadowlands resumes racing.

Update: The suspension is scheduled to begin August 31.

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