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Friday, July 18, 2014

House Rules

The controversy regarding Jimmy Takter's drive in last Saturday's Del Miller stake should be resolved this evening when Takter meets with the judges at the Meadowlands.  My expectation is he will be cleared from all charges at that time regarding the race.

While I am a firm believer of if you move to the outside you go on, what Takter did wasn't improper.  Part of the issue is the track rule which says you keep holes closed and don't open a spot for someone to tuck in..  That rule, may have contributed to what happened is a good rule, but note it was adopted at the start of the race meet.  Now, Jeff Gural is talking about possibly adopting a rule which would ban drivers from a race if they own a share of more than one horse in the race.

From the point of public perception, this proposal makes good sense and quite honestly, I can see why it may be adopted; before the next meet, not mid-meet.  If the NJRC feels the rules need to be changed, let them change the rule through the normal rule-making process.  If the Meadowlands (Gural) feels a new house rule needs to be adopted, all the power to them but it should be done after careful deliberation, not a snap decision made as a result of an outcry from social media or possibly one or two heavy hitters upset because they lost a bet.

I understand the Meadowlands and other non-slot tracks are highly dependent on handle which is driven by the perceived sense of integrity.  Social media is great in it gives everyone a voice.  However, as persuasive as social media can be it doesn't mean it is correct.  This is why house rules should be thought out before implementing, not based pon a particular whim of a certain group.

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