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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SRF Needs Help to Save Five

Millstone Township, New Jersey , July 8, 2014
The Standardbred Retirement Foundation (SRF) is asking for help for five registered Standardbreds who are standing in pens in Pennsylvania just 3 days away from an expected trip to the Canadian slaughterhouses.
The pens in Pennsylvania.

Kiss My Match, Sweet Noc, Iroquoindianbrave, Marios Kick Start, and SOS Crusader are presently owned by what the horse community labels the "kill buyer".  The  "kill buyer" offers the horses for sale privately averting their going through the New Holland livestock auction where due to the lack of buyers, in nearly every case, results in a sale for the Canadian slaughterhouses.

The "kill buyer's" only interest is enriching his personal worth, however, it does provide a small opportunity for saving these five animals.   The SRF needs help to buy, ship to quarantine (isolation) board, rehabilitate, and start the process of finding them homes. 
One other horse, Lady Bye Out has already been helped, but these five are in a dire situation, if not rescued they are expected to be loaded onto multi-decked trailers known to overload, cramming as many horses in as possible before shipping to Canada. Mexico is another border crossed for shipment for meat. The presence for the purpose of oversight to monitor humane conditions by the Dept. of Agriculture at the sales is rarely seen, as per reports of repeat attendees; and while there are regulations for the conditions by which horses may be shipped, enforcement is severely lacking.  Some of these horses may not be in good physical.

SRF is asking for help, tax-deductible gifts in any amount. Boarding and isolation, rehabilitation, foster care, and homes are also in need. SRF is also trying to contact persons listed as being involved with each of the horses in some way from their past but does not anticipate much help.
Marios Kick Start, a 15 year old gelding meant to be great,
by Striking Sahbra.

The price to release them from risk, Kiss is $550, SOS $575,  Mario $475, Sweet Noc $575, and Iroquoindianbrave $525. The shipping and board for isolation averages $400. for each horse. The greatest expenses are the rehabilitation and care once they are safe, about $300. a month and for SRF to afford to protect them from this situation by following up their adoption for life. (Statistics show the average span of an adoptive home is 3.3 years.)

Help must be secured for them by Friday, July 11. SRF's website will guide you to Paypal, or other means to help. A gift, and pledge by telephone can also be made by calling SRF at 732 446-4422. 

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation

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