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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wales Report - Keeping Up With Share The Delight

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I was a big fan of Share The Delight (STD) in the States when he raced here.  It was decided to send STD to auction where he was sold and exported for stud duty in Wales.  After doing a little research, I found out he was standing at Brywins Stud where I contacted Ms. Sarah Thomas, a representative for the breeder and received an update on how Share The Delight and his off-spring were being received.

STD's first crop has reached the age of two and while the plans were to see how his off-spring were doing during the racing season, I decided to check in early to see how STD's first crop were doing thus far in their preparations for the upcoming racing season.  Thanks to Ms. Thomas who provided the following report, here are comments by some of the trainers who are breaking and training STD's first crop.

KENTUCKY ROCKET (colt, out of Kentucky Heat [White Heat])- report from Emma Langford, daughter of trainer David Langford
Kentucky Rocket in training.

Kentucky Rocket in training.

Ronnie is brilliant, like a lamb; when he's not eating he's sleeping. When he's working it’s like he's been here and done it all before, nothing fazes him. Good solid gait to him considering his size (currently 14’2hh). Doing everything right at the moment. He'll race this summer....entered in every 2yr old race going apart from one in Scotland [trainer is based in south Wales].

BRYWINS MONET (colt, out of Art Connection [Artsplace]) & CAVENDISH (colt, out of Ayr Quality [House Of Cards])– report from trainer Andrew Cairns
I broke him (Brywins Monet) and turned him away as he was growing too quickly. I also broke another Share The Delight colt (Cavendish), they were both very good gaited and good attitudes. Cavendish was small but strong, a real nice colt though.
Brywins Monet is unlikely to race this summer but should come out as a 3yo. Cavendish has returned to his owner but may yet race this summer.

REAL DELIGHT (filly, out of Real Deal [Rustler Hanover]) – report from trainer Rhys Evans
She's a pretty nice filly, got a bit of an attitude sometimes. She's not the biggest but she’s built like a tank. She literally is a tank, genuinely strong too, doesn't just look it.
Broke in pretty easy and she'll be going to most of the 2yr old races, Breeders Crown, Sire Stakes, Little Welsh Dragoness, Vincent Delaney Memorial (in Ireland) and Tir Prince hopefully.

LLWYNS DELIGHT (colt, out of Bon Sian [Master Scoot]) & BRYWINSSTARDELIGHT (filly, out of Sweet Baby O [Northern Luck]) – report from Kayleigh Evans, partner of trainer Michael O’Mahony
We broke in [Llywns Delight] a brother to Bon Jasper [FFA class horse, winner of a Crock of Gold heat at Amman Valley]. He was going nice. He was small but nicely proportioned, from where he was last year I think he'd make a 2 year old [for racing].
We have one [Brywinsstardelight] in at the minute that's leaving on the weekend, a filly out of Sweet Baby O. She's unlikely to race as a 2 year old as she's a little bit weak and growing still. She’s a bit leggier and struggled a bit more with pacing.

BRYWINS VINCENT (colt, out of Vociferous [Dragons Lair]) – report from Laura Price-Davies, owner and wife of trainer Jaimie Davies
Vinnie broke up really good, no problem, paces like a dream and is now in training and all is going good. Vinnie’s still a full horse and we hope to keep him that way as long as he stays manageable. He’s got a lovely playful nature, easy to do anything with.

So it looks like we will have some STDs to watch and report on from the summer campaign.  I look forward to seeing how they make out once they meet the starter.  I'm sure I won't be the only one as most of the time the first crop sets the tone for the stallion's reputation.

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