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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Briefs

We have learned by the on-going attempts in Iowa and Florida, all about decoupling; allowing the casino part of a racetrack to continue to operate while ceasing racing operations.  Now in Arizona, we learn about a new flavor of decoupling, allowing a track (greyhound) to cease racing but remain open as a simulcast center.

If passed, the bill in Arizona will allow for the Tuscon Greyhound track to continue operating as an off-track wagering location without racing the statutory 100 days of live racing.  While in theory the track could race, say 50 days of racing, odds are the track will turn off the lights around the track and just continue taking bets on other track's races.

Uncoupling is going to become an ominous word in pari-mutuel racing.  Time to get used to it.

Driver Jim Morrill Jr. has been banned from Pocono Downs without any explanation given.  It's not only the Meadowlands which uses exclusion rights.

Dave Briggs for HRU, talks about the PETA video and what it means for racing.  Briggs is absolutely correct in that a new mindset is needed; people need to stop dealing with those who abuse our majestic horses.  Being how owners seem to flock to the super trainers, I wish I could be confident our participants are ready to take the steps necessary; sadly I can't.  As they say in Missouri, 'Show Me'.  I still think federal intervention is necessary.

Thanks to G.g Myers for drawing my attention to Odgen Mills Phipps' response as representing  The Jockey Club as Chairman regarding the said video.  Briggs and Phipps are pretty much in sync.  Let's see which breed moves faster to eliminate such behavior.

Finally, I love horses with unique colors and there is one training at the Meadows called Fancy Sierra Star, currently registered as being non-standard as her second damn wasn't a standardbred.  Take a look and see why I am attracted to this lady.

Just a reminder, the USTA Annual Meeting's General Session will be available via live streaming starting tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:30pm.  You can catch all the proceedings from the USTA website.

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