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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Something Has to Give

In today's HRU, Jeff Gural responds to the attacks by Alan Schwartz from the MHHA on the NYGA regarding the legislation which caps slot revenue at 2013 levels.  Turns out, Gural and other members of tne NYGA are surprised by this legislation which provides a floor and a ceiling for contributions.  The state apparently passed the law in an effort to maximize the value of a gaming license.  Gural suggests the MHHA works within the terms of the law and partners with Monticello to make sure they get the casino license as there is a good chance failure to get the casino license will result in Monticello closing for good.

Will horsemen respond to Gural's letter?  Probably not, it seems groups associating with certain individuals treat Gural as the boogeyman despite all Gural does for racing.  That's a shame.

Someone ought to be listening,  Something got to give.

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