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Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Briefs

Tonight is opening night at Cal-Expo under new management.  Their races will be shown on TVG and they offer a Pick-4, Pick-5, and Pentafecta nightly with the Pick-4 having a minimum guarnatee of $25,000.  All three wagers carry a 16% take out rate and the entire pool carries over if there is no ticket with the correct combination.

HANA Harness is celebrating the return of harness racing to California by offering handicapping selections nightly (Friday and Saturday) for these three wagers.  You can find these selections at the HANA Harness Blog.

Remember Rapide Lebel from the 2011 Breeders Crown Open Trot?  He won this past week in France..., under saddle.  See in France they have no qualms about racing a horse both traditionally and under saddle.  Oh, yes he won the 120,000 Reynolds Prix, a Grade II event, racing the 2,175 meter (approx 1 3/8 miles) event in 2:33.92, easily.

There is some talk about Night Racing at NYRA tracks.  Right now night racing is the exclusive pervue of standardbred racing in New York so there would need to be some legislative hurdles to overcome.  Of course, the runners at night at NYRA would impact the handle at NYRA tracks, possibly severely.  Standardbred interests better do their best to keep this genie trapped because once there is head to head competition, there is no doubt where the wagering public is going to flock.

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