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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Look Back at the Harrisburg Sales - Trotting Sires

Following up on yesterday's column regarding the Pacing Sires at Harrisburg, VFTRG contributor Joe F. takes on the trotting side.

Twenty-five Muscle Hills sold for an average of more than $56,000. There was balance between the figures for colts and fillies: the 13 colts averaged 53K while the dozen fillies averaged 60K. He does not live in a colt-centric world.
60% of them sold for 50K or more while only 2—both colts—dipped to the 15K or less level. Four of them—16%--sold for more than 100K—three of them colts.

Muscle Hill entered the marketplace at a fee of 30K but is currently standing for that nebulous amount, “private treaty.” Now that daddy and Rocknroll have escaped to Pennsylvania, Muscle Hill has NJ to himself. If he can come up with a couple of Horton Hanovers, he’ll dominate the trotting and pacing SS events.
Muscle Hill’s average was 33% higher than Donato’s. Fifty of the latter’s yearlings sold for an average of almost 38K. This was down 39% from last year when 58 commanded an average of 61K.

This year 15 Donato’s sold for 50K or more, with five of those bringing in 100K or more. Contrast that with last year’s sale where 27 sold for 50K or more, and 5 of those brought in 100K or more, 2 of them 150K plus and 2 more 200K plus. So, while more than 46% sold at the high end in 2011, only 30% did this year.
Last year 12% sold for 15K or less while that figure jumped to 28% this year.

CMO was outstanding and will win her division, but Possess The Will, Weingartner, From Above and the rest of last year’s promising freshman class turned into zeroes who either couldn’t get on the track in the first place or couldn’t beat anyone if they did.
Donato stands for $20,000 in Pennsylvania.

Dewey and Donato seem to go together. Dewey left Walnut Hall in Kentucky in January, 2010 and was relocated to Westwind Farm in Strathboy, Ont. The Kentucky politicians refused to commit to a gaming mechanism that would help fund the state’s standardbred breeding program so Alan Leavitt and company reluctantly sent Dewey to a place where he could benefit from the thriving Ontario SS program. Time changes all things. Now that Dewey is selling a crop eligible to that lucrative program, it’s in turmoil.

Beyond that, Dewey’s initial freshman class didn’t exactly revolutionize the breed. They were a dominant force in the KYSS, but a non-factor on the GC.
Dewey, like Donato, stands for $20,000.

Twenty-seven Deweys sold for an average of more than 26K this year. That was down 11% from last year. The 19 colts averaged 31K, while the 8 fillies averaged less than half that.
Three colts (11%) sold for 50K or more—two of those for more than 100K. Last year 20% topped the 50K threshold.

Sixteen percent fell below the 15K mark last year, and double that in 2012.
The juxtaposition of production, location and stud fee makes for a crooked picture. Something has to give.

Cantab Hall, the sire of BC winners Wheeling And Deelin and Tamla Celeber, had a good sale. His average was up 15% from 2011—32 sold for more than 37K. Only 2 (6%) of the 30 sold went for 15K or less.
17% sold for 50K or more last year and that stepped up to 31% in 2012. There were five colts and five fillies.

Cantab Hall is also the sire of Uncle Peter, Cassis, Superstar Hanover, My MVP. Beer Summit, Money On My Mind, Lindy’s Jersey Boy, Dontyouforgetit and Pastor Stephen.
He was standing for 12K back in 2007. He currently stands for $7,500.

Andover Hall had no Detour Hanover to bail him out this year. As a matter of fact, his top colt went for 75K—a 90% drop-off from Detour. Overall his average was down 48%--again Detour plays a large role in this.
27 Andover Halls sold for a 30K average. Nine percent went for 15K or less and 15% sold for 50K or more—2 colts and 2 fillies.

Last year 41 sold for a 58K average and 21%--7 fillies and 2 colts—topped 50K. The median price last year was 25K.
In 2007 Andover Hall stood for 25K; the following year that was upped to 30K. He currently stands for 10K in Pennsylvania.

Andover Hall is the sire of Handover Belle, Major Athens, Upfrontluckycarol, Big Rigs, Beatgoeson, Cedar Dove, Magic Tonight, Spicy Wings, Pampered Princess and Donato Hanover.

Kadabra was down 52% at Harrisburg in 2012. Thirty sold for an average of 30K. In 2011 10 sold for a 64K average. While half of last year’s small offering brought 50K or more, only 13% did this year. He did have a colt sell for 175K.
Only one of the ten sold in 2011 brought 15K or less, while this year 3 fillies and 6 colts (30%) sold for that little.

Kadabra is the sire of Bee A Magician, Prestidigitator, Knows Nothing, Il Mago, Miss Paris, Smarty Pants, Text Me, Poof She’s Gone, Daylon Magician, The Game Plan and China Pearls.

Credit Winner sold 62% fewer yearlings at Harrisburg this year but his average was up 30%. Sixteen sold for an average of 64K. Eight of those brought 50K or more, and half of those went for more than 150K. None dipped below that 15K mark.
Last year 42 sold for a 45K average. Thirty percent brought in 50K or more.

Credit Winner had a very good year.
He stood for 10K in 2006, 15K in 2009, and still stands for 15K in NY.

Credit Winner is the sire of To Dream On, Archangel, Blacktuxwhitesox, Judge Joe, Dejarmbro, Jezzy, Chocolatier, Here Comes Herbie, RC Royalty and Crazed.

Muscles Yankee, who is hightailing it across the Pennsylvania border and setting up shop in the more hospitable confines of Newtown PA, had a tough sale. He and Rocknroll are being punished for the diminished restricted money opportunities in New Jersey.

Forty-four Muscles yearlings sold for an average of 28K, down 33% from last year. 57% of his offering sold for 15K or less, while only 16% brought in more than 50K. Last year only 11% sold at the low figure while 27% sold for 50K or more. So, there was an 80% increase in the 15K or less group between 2011 and 2012.
Contrary to the gender trend, 25 Muscles colts sold for a 20K average while his 19 fillies sold for a 37K average.

Muscles stood for 20K in 2010 and now stands for 10K.
Muscles Yankee is the sire of Muscle Hill, Dewey, Blur, Costa Rica, Upside Hanover, Mr Muscleman, Strong Yankee, Tom Ridge, Looking Hanover, Muscle Massive and Neighsay Hanover.

Explosive Matter sold 57 from his first crop for an average price of 18K. Only two of them brought 50K or more, while 42% sold for 15K or less. Not good.

Explosive Matter stands for $7,500 in PA.

Yankee Glide was up more than 43% this year. 25 sold for an average of 38K. The 13 colts averaged 54K and the 12 fillies 20K. This was due in part to the presence of a 250K colt.
44% of them sold for 15K or less. Last year it was 50%. 20% sold for 50K plus, up from 12% last year.

Yankee Glide’s fee jumped from 10 to 15 in 2005. He stood for 15K in NJ in 2006, and now stands in Pa for that amount.
YG is the sire of Matron winner, Guccio, Matron, Oaks and ISS winner, Personal Style, and Aperfect Yankee, Banker Volo, Glidemaster, Fabulous Kemp, Holiday Road, Temple Of Doom, Ultimate Cameron, Passionate Glide, Express Glide, Il Villagio and Ken Warkentin.

Angus Hall was down 75% at the Canadian Yearling Sale and 73% at Forest City, so I suppose it represents a triumph of sorts that he was only off 40% at Harrisburg.
Thirteen sold for a 17K average. His colts averaged 13K. Last year 5 colts (19%) brought 50K or more, but this year there weren’t any. 54% sold for 15K or less.

Angus Hall stood for 20K prior to 2006, at which point his fee dropped to 15. He now stands for ten in Ontario.
He is the sire of Sugar Wheeler, Frenchfrys, Peaceful Way, Somebody To Love, Oh Sweet Baby, Winning Mister, Cincinnatti Kid, Last Flight Out and Porsche Hall.

Conway Hall’s average was up 11% this year, as 20 sold for $34,000. 21% sold for 50K or more and the same percentage sold for 15K or less.
Conway Hall stands in NY for 10K. He is the sire of Win Missy B, Wishing Stone, Windsong’s Legacy, Broadway Hall, Corragioso, Algiers Hall, For A Dancer, Make It Happen, Pizza Dolce, Martiniontherocks and Some Girls.

Broadway Hall was up 12% from 2011. 15 sold for more than 22K. 53% went for 15K or less. Last year 50% sold at that level.
Only two, both colts, sold for 50K plus.

Broadway Hall stood for $6,500 in 2006. He was stepped up to 10K in 2009 and 12K in 2011. He now stands for $7,500 in PA.

Crazed moved 23 for an average price of 25K this year—up 43% from last year. Only 3 colts (13%) went for 50K or more. 43% sold for 15K or less.
His 15 colts averaged 33K, while his 8 fillies averaged 10K.

Last year Crazed sold one plus 100K colt at Harrisburg. 58% of his offering brought in 15K or less.
His fee was reduced to $3,500 last year.

Cash Hall, another Empire State stallion who stands for $3,500, was down 31% this year. Last year 67% of his yearlings sold for 15K or less at Harrisburg. This year that figure increased to 100%.

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