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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wireless Wagering in New Jersey?

A New Jersey Senate committee has approved a bill which would allow for wireless bets to be made at New Jersey racetracks.  If this bill is passed and signed by the Governor, gamblers will be able to make wagers anywhere on racetrack grounds.  Customers would have to set up wireless accounts and receive payment at the track.  This bill is considered a companion bill to the one which allows for wireless wagers to be made in Atlantic City casinos.

There is a special provision in the bill (S-2236) which benefits the Meadowlands.  While the proposed bill restricts the operation of these wireless machines to the physical property lines of a racetrack, an exception has been written in to the bill to allow for the use of these devices on the grounds of the American Dream Complex (assuming it gets completed) provided the leaseholder agrees to it.

What is big about wireless wagering?  The hope is by allowing individuals to wager using wireless devices, the racing industry will benefit by getting younger, more technologically savvy individuals to the track.  Wireless wagering will be appealing to a certain segment of the current racing audience as well as provide for cost savings elsewhere; it may even attract new horseplayers to the track, but to keep them coming racing needs to deliver a product customers want.  Otherwise, any potential bubble will be short lasting.

HANA Harness' The Pen vs. The Chip Handicapping Challenge is taking a one week break before they tackle the final four legs of the contest.  At this time, any of the top three handicappers have a chance to win the competition with four handicapping cards remaining.  A press release with some interesting statistics was released and can be seen here

North of the border, racing resumes at The Raceway at Western Fair District.  In addition to racing resuming, the Forest City Yearling Sales takes place this weekend.  With no word on what racing will look like next year, this sale is bound to be disappointing.

Turf racing returns to the Meadowlands.  Well, technically it's Monmouth Park at the Meadowlands and today is the first of the eight day Fall Turf Festival. For the next four weeks, thoroughbreds will be racing on the turf course Frdaiys and Saturdays  in six races daily with the first post of 2:15pm.   However, as far as I am concerned, racing at the Meadowlands resumes on December 28. , 


The_Knight_Sky said...

First step for The Meadowlands though is to allow free WIFI throughout the grandstand.

This is already done at Monmouth Park.

With the presence of Meadowlands on Twitter, facebook and the Big M website itself I am not sure why WIFI has not been embraced just yet when other racetracks around the country have had no trouble implementing it for the benefit of the on-track patrons.

Pacingguy said...

You know why. They want the betting on track, not through an ADW.

Scott Jeffreys said...

Dear Pacingguy : Realize that you are waiting for December 28th, but the six race "turf festival" is just like the preseason turf festival at Atlantic City (a throw-back-in-time must for any t-bred fan). The six race format is a ton of fun. Highly recommended!

Sincerely, Scott

The_Knight_Sky said...

My understanding is that if you are in NJ attending at Meadowlands Live Racing you are most likely going to participate through the Betjet machines on track.

The worst case scenario is the NJ bets site which is much maligned and out of favor with many regulars.

I do not see Monmouth Park management worried about what the Big M management seems to be concerned about. Other tracks around the country do not seem as "protective" with the WIFI signal and that is the way it should be.