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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Quiet Day Afternoon

While racing continues on, with a one week gap between The Red Mile and the Breeders Crown eliminations, things are pretty quiet. 

Pleasant Surprises and Duds - In Harness Racing Update, there is an article reviewing the pleasant surprises and disappointments of the racing season thus far for 3yos.  It's worth looking at to see where your favorites.  I agree with the article, Check Me Out seems to be odds-on to win the Horse of the Year competition.

Today at Aby Racetrack in Sweden, Hot Tub, a 12yo trotter, won the Swedish Mastership Monte race which was contested a 2,140 meters in a mile rate of 1:58.8.  Hut Tub is a millionaire who has raced both in sulky and in monté races in France and Sweden.

Those who sell their unwanted horses to brokers may be finding prices have dropped, assuming your broker is around to do business. 'Nuff said.

What does horse racing and Lance Armstrong have in commonPTP discusses.

Barack Obama, vs. Mitt Romney - You didn't think you were going to escape the Presidential campaign today did you?  You will see no endorsement in this blog from me regaridng the election but for those concerned about horse slaughter, where do each candidate stand?

Barack Obama made a campaign promise in the 2008 election to supports a ban on horse slaughter but as you know, he signed a spending bill which removed the prohibition on spending federal funds for inspecting horses at slaughterhouses in order to get the bill passed.  However, it should be noted the USDA has not yet passed any rules to allow slaughtering to resume so perhaps there is some stonewalling going on by his Agriculter Secretary?

As for Mitt Romney, no position is stated, but if he is calling for less regulation of American business, I wouldn't count on a Romney Administration standing in the way of horse slaughter. 

Bottom line?  Let your conscience be your guide. 


Anonymous said...

Anne Romney rides and attributes it to controlling her MS.

Pacingguy said...


Yes, you are true regarding Anne Romney. That doesn't mean her husband wouldn't be in favor of horse slaughter. The two positions are mutually exclusive.