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Monday, January 31, 2011

Poll Time - Ice Racing

There are several ways of handicapping a standardbred race in the world.  Here are a few ways a horse can be handicapped.

  1. Better horses draw outside -   Typically done in handicaps or when races are combined.  If a regular handicap, the racing secretary puts the better horses further out on the gate.
  2. Draw the second tier - A different concept.  What about putting the better horses behind the lower class horses; give them a somewhat of a disadvantage of having to clear more horses by racing from behind at the start.
  3. Race a specified distance behind - Admittedly typically used in standing starts.  What if we could start a horse 20 yards behind his weaker opposition.
Why don't you look at the poll and give it a vote.  If you had to consider how we handicap races, which way would you want it done?

With all the cold weather and snow we have been getting, I found an article on ice racing up at Saranac Lake, NY.  Wouldn't if be great if we could resume this tradition, even if just a promotional activity? 

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