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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is There A Need For DAR?

Some people may be wondering why there is even a need for DAR.  The standardbred industry simply does not take the issue of equine welfare post racing seriously enough.

For example, from the fact sheet for Illiinois SB737, which would authorized the establishments of racinos.

• Requires additional dollars to be spent on backstretch workers, university research, State & county fairs, and retired or injured thoroughbred horses, increases purses by $60 to $80 million per year

I know my eyesight isn't the same as it once was, but in the above sentence, do you see the word "standardbred"?  No you don't and there is a reason why.  With what little publicity horse racing of any type gets in the media, 85% of it being thorougbred, the public is aware of the injuries thoroughbreds have as well as their plight after racing.  People outside of our industry are either unaware of us or just don't give us a serious though which permits standardbred racing to ignore these problems.  Just in case you think the fact sheet only mentions thoroughbreds, is an oversite, here is the text of the entire bill; it talks about thoroughbreds and quarterhorses, but not standardbreds when it comes to retirment or research of injuries..

It is up to the responsible people of the industry to bring the issue of retired standardbred horses to the forefront (fortunately, our equine animals do not suffer as many catastrophic injuries), and those people are DAR, Dignitiy After Racing.  Only by holding ourelves accountable, will we be able to work on the problems inherent in standardbred racing,

The Illinios slot legislation proves there is a need for Dignity After Racing.

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