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Friday, January 7, 2011

HRU Auction Items




17 inch, "Senior Collegiate All Purpose Saddle"

Includes white sheepskin saddle pad and leather brown bridle all in excellent shape.

Saddle retails for over $1,200, German bridle worth $60, so this is a GRIEAT bargain. Saddle used on both a TB and a solid QH.

Kindly donated by Jane Dalal.
Minimum bid $450, includes shipping in US.

Current Bid is $475

Quality Chatham Emerald & Diamond Slide Pendant~14kt

Stylish Pear Cut Chatham Emerald Slide & Genuine Diamond Pendant set in 14kt yellow gold. This quality pendant has a single Chatham Created Emerald totaling .75ct and 5 Brilliant Cut Diamonds totaling .10 CTW. I do not know the exact quality of the diamonds, but they are bright. The Emerald is fabulous & much nicer than my photo. The setting contains 2.1 grams of 14kt gold. This pretty pendant was expensive and in very good condition.

   Kindly donated by Kate Williams.
Minimum bid $55- actual value $225.

Current Bid is $65

Genuine, Natural Emerald Heart Pendant in 10KT Gold

This pendant has 11 round Emeralds totaling .75 CTW and 10 cubic zircona totaling 1 CTW. The setting is substantial with about 3.5 grams of 10 kt gold. This pendant is about the size of a quarter. The Emeralds are well matched for color and the CZ REALLY glisten. Add a nice chain...she will love it!

Kindly donated by Kate Williams.

Minimum bid $35 - actual value $139.

Current Bid is $40


14K LAVENDER JADE BRACELET~Faceted Amethyst Clasp

Beautiful Segment Bracelet in Lavender Jade with 14 kt Yellow gold embellishments. The clasp is a pretty faceted Amethyst and this bracelet measures 7 &3/8 with the clasp hooked. Truly my sorry photo does not do this stunning bracelet justice because the lavender color is very true, not faded or grayish.

 Kindly donated by Kate Williams.

Minimum bid $50 - actual value $145.

 Current Bid is $60

Trolley's Halter 

Not in great shape, but it's hers! (Trolley was sold at the Camelot Auction with a hole in her face which was super glued with a sock in it.  HRU has paid for two surgeries to close the hole.  This was picture was prior to the second surgery performed by Dr. Hogan and she is doing much better and has been adopted),

Minimum bid $20

 Current Bid is $40


8x10 watercolor painting generously donated and painted by Joan Chakonas

Minimum bid $150 (Reduced)

 Current Bid: $180


Real antique windows with window treatment from pictures you send in!

Kindly donated by Rene Trebing.

Minimum bid $80- at least $100 value

 Current Bid: $150

 Painting of Trolley, worth at least $450 normally.

Kindly donated by Jerry Dahl.

Minimum bid $350.

 Current Bid: $350

 First Edition Collectible: Trail of Painted Ponies~TWILIGHT HUNTERS

This very cool pony "Twilight Hunters" 1E 3827 (First Edition) from the 2008 Herd of the Trail of Painted Ponies.

Note: This special pony is made by the original maker "Westland" and not from the newer maker producing it now. This unusual pony is brand new and in mint condition in the original box.

By Creator Lori Musil: It's a crisp, icy evening and there's a scent on the wind. The cold silence is split by a piercing chorus of howl, followed by the shuffle of padded feet crunching through the snow. The pack picks up the pace. Their breath makes small clouds. The twilight hunters are prowling for prey in the last light of day. With this scene in her mind, this New Mexico western and wildlife painter has created a contemporary tribute to the wild wolves of the West.

Kindly donated by Kate Williams.

Minimum bid $20- actual value $75+.    Current Bid $76

 First Edition Collectible: Trail of Painted Ponies~~STARDUST

This wonderful pony "Stardust" 1E 4490...(First Edition) from the 2007 Herd of the Trail of Painted Ponies. Note: This Stardust Pony is made by the original maker "Westland" and not from the newer maker producing it now.

This lovely pony is brand new and in mint condition in the original box. The creator of this pony Janee Hughes, an artist and writer from the Pacific Northwest as gifted with a pen as with a brush, writes: "From stardust we have come, and to stardust we shall return. Between times, many have gazed in wonder at the night sky and thought they’ve seen figures in the arrangement of stars and galaxies. In centuries past, fertile imaginations have even gone so far as to conjure gods and heroes and tell their stories in terms of myths. Many involve the horse, our respected companion on earth, our friend in the heavens….” Janee Hughes is a former art teacher and award-winning painter who also writes and illustrates children's books and stories. She spent four years painting hand-carved wooden horses for Salem, Oregon's Riverfront Carousel. She has owned horses for many years and understands how they act and move, and how they show their feelings - which is why more of Janee Hughes' designs have been crafted into figurines than any other artist. The base of the horse is 7 1/4" long from front to back and the figurine is 6 1/4" tall. I removed it from the packaging only to photograph. This would make a very nice gift item for any horse lover or welcome addition to your own collection.

Kindly donated by Kate Williams.

Minimum bid $40- actual value $140+.  Current Bid: $100

30% discount on a custom pet portrait donated by Rebecca Huff

$45-75 dollar value, depending on framed or unframed

Minimum bid $45

Current Bid $75

Set of Diana Tuorto's horse novels for children, each told from a different horse's point of view.

The Set Includes:
 Spirit of the Saluda River (for ages 6-8+) is the story of Spirit, a blind 20+ year-old Shetland pony rescued from an island in South Carolina's Saluda River. Despite a difficult past and obstacles in his recovery, Spirit goes on to become an inspiration, particularly to deaf and blind children. Based on the true story of an incredible pony rehabilitated by Palmetto Equine Awareness & Rescue League (P.E.A.R.L.). Offered in paperback, this book is illustrated by 13 year-old artist Emmi Gordon.

My Desert Sun (for ages 8-14+) is the story of Cayuse, a young, free-spirited mustang who lives in the desert and mountains of the American Southwest. While life in the desert is often peaceful and serene, Cayuse spends many days merely fighting for survival. However, he soon learns that survival among mankind is much more difficult.

Janie's New Legs (for ages 8-14+) is the heartwarming story of Silver, a shy pony, rescued from abuse and neglect, and Janie, a fragile young girl, paralyzed from a car accident. Janie meets Silver at a handicapped riding facility, where she goes to escape the constant confinement of her wheelchair. An extraordinary friendship soon develops and the two gradually begin the road to healing and recovery together.

Luck of the Draw (for ages 8-14+) is the story of Lucky, one of the slowest racehorses the world has ever known. Even though Lucky gives racing his all, he never manages to win a race, and soon finds himself working as a jumper and dressage horse. No matter how hard he tries, Lucky seems to fail at all disciplines, but remains hopeful that he will find his purpose.

 Each book has been autographed by the author with a special message to HRU supporters.

The entire set normally retails for $40.

Minimum bid already met.

Kindly donated by Diana Tuorto   Current Bid $41

HRU merchandise package

  • Trolley t-shirt with her picture on back
  • HRU t-shirt
  • 2 HRU hats
  • Trolley sweatshirt (no picture)
  • HRU sweatshirt
  • 2011 HRU calendar

 Minimum bid $45

Current Bid $75

Rock N Roll Heaven's Horseshoes. Three Year-Old Pacer Colt of the Year.

Heavily favored to be the Horse of the Year, Pacer of the Year.

Kindly donated by Bruce Saunders.

Minimum bid $50

Current Bid $200
Muscle Hill's Horseshoes

World champion and widely known as the best trotter in the world.

Kindly donated by Greg Peck and Sylvia Hovde.

Minimum bid $60

Current Bid: $90

Shark Gesture's horseshoes (all four!)

Older pacer who has won many races and might be Older Pacer of the Year.

Kindly donated by Larry and Ray Remmen.

Minimum bid $45

 Current Bid $75

Bobblehead dolls of harness drivers Ron Pierce, Cat Manzi, and David Miller

Kindly donated by Mike Feigenbaum.

Minimum bid $20

Current Bid $37


Handmade black crushed velvet bag with black satin ties. 6" X 8" in size, finished seams. Also includes 7 crystals, 1 amethyst, 1 howlite, 1 rose quartz, 1 green aventurine, 1 fluorite, 1 yellow jasper and 1 bloodstone


Also included is a printed card with the names and meanings of the crystals.

Kindly donated by P Mc Guigan.

Minimum bid already met.

Current Bid $65

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