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Friday, November 26, 2010

"Well, We're Better Than Iowa"

"Well, we're better than Iowa" may be the new battle cry of the New Jersey Sires Stakes the way things are going.  We already heard of the decision of Rock N Roll Heaven to bypass New Jersey to stand stud at Blue Chip Farms in New York.  Now comes news from Harness Racing Update, that Lucky Chucky, a stallion being managed by Perretti Farms, will be standing Winbak Farm's New York facility.  Tell All, who had already been standing stud in New Jersey, is heading to Tara Hills in Ontario.  No doubt any of the younger commercially viable stallions remaining will be heading for the borders to flee a rapidly deteriorating situation in state.  Revenue will be heading to Sweeden and Matt's Scotter whose is semi-retireed will remain at Perretti farms to live out his life.

No doubt the Goveronr will blame the breeding industry for abandoning New Jersey.  Of course, Christie should look in his mirror.  After all how can any breeder stay in a state where a month away from the start of a new racing year no one knows what will be happening?  For all purposes, the NJSS and the rich races for NJ-sired horses are gone.  At best, we can expect a program for NJ Foaled programs; I don't think Christie has scared the broodmares away; yet.

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