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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote Out of Knowledge, Not Anger

In late October of 2009, horsemen in New Jersey were mad.  Mad as hell regarding Governor Jon Corzine.  Corzine finally admitted as far as he was concerned slots were not coming to New Jersey racetracks.  Horsemen were understandably mad and they were going to send a message.  There was another Candidate, Chris Christie, who was running for Governor, and the horsemen decided they were going to vote for him or stay home.  After all, Christie wasn't Corzine.  Being angry, the horsemen ignored the fact Christie earlier stated at a campaign stop in Atlantic City that he was opposed to slot machines in the Meadowlands as well as the continuation of Atlantic City subsidies for horse racing.  The horsemen ignored his public statements; they were pissed and were determined to send a message.

Turn to 2010.  Their candidate won the race for Governor and horse racing is holding on for dear life.  Governor Christie it turns out lived up to his public comments and was not going to allow slot machines in the Meadowlands and subsidies for purses in New Jeresy.  Not only that, he wanted the NJSEA to get out of running the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park.  Would Christie have won the election if the horsemen didn't vote for him and provide him campaign contributions?  Perhaps, but the fact remains New Jersey horsemen were determined to punish Corzine.  Now see where they are.

If you are a voter in the United States who has not yet voted, vote.  Don't send a message by staying home this year.  Don't vote for a candidate you normally wouldn't support to send a message.  Vote for the candidate who represents your best interests; after all, isn't that what everyone else is doing?   You've seen what happened in New Jersey when people vote or stay home out of anger.

No, I am not going to tell you who to vote for in today's elections in the United States.  Vote for a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or a Green Party candidate for all I care but vote  I understand come election time people may be angry and want to "send a message" but voting for a candidate who does not represent your best interests in the name of sending a message makes no sense, nor does staying home and not voting.  You've seen what happens when people try to send a message.

 If you are a horsemen in Kentucky State districts 10 or 26 does the candidate you plan to vote for support racing, which means they will support slots, or are they opposed to it?  In Ohio, does the candidate you like for Governor, State Senate or House support racing?  The same questions needs to be asked in other states.  As for candidates for US Senate and the House of Representatives, racing may need a modification to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to allow exchange wagering, which some people feel is necessary for racing to survive; does your candidate have a history of a pro or anti-racing/gambling stance?

Vote for the candidate of your choice.  Voting out of anger is never a good thing.  You may be sending a message, but you may need to live with your decision.