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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Time For The 'B' Track Tour 2

With the conclusion of stakes races for the top horses in the nation, iIt is time for the second annual 'B' Track Tour where we pay tribute to the tracks where the young trainers and drivers get their start before moving up to the prime time.  For each weekend of the tour, we highlight one track by handicapping a race card from these tracks.  Last year we handicapped races from Cal-Expo, Plainridge Racecourse, Sports Creek Raceway, Pompano Park, Monticello Raceway and Scarborough Downs.

Which tracks should be covered this year?  If you have a track you would like to be considered for inclusion, let me know. Any American track with the exception of Chester Downs, The Meadows, Meadowlands, and Yonkers Raceway may be considered providing the track races on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and/or Mondays.  Just because a track was included last year doesn't mean it can't be included this year.

Let me know if there is a 'B' track you wish to be considered.


Rich said...

How about re-visiting CalX? They seem, sadly, to have fallen off from the progress you noted last year, especially in the area of field size.


Scott Jeffreys said...

Dear Pacingguy : The Woodbine/Mohawk circuit seems to have the "B" tracks at Windsor and Georgian Downs. Perhaps a look at the Ontario "B" circuit?

Along the Canadian theme, what about a piece looking at the Charlottown Driving Park, home of the Gold Cup and Saucer?

Despite Monticello's John Manzi insisting otherwise, the clear tracks to be tracked in New York are Tioga Downs and Saratoga Harness. (Billy Dobson is now at Saratoga tearing up the home of Frank Coppola and Dan Cappello.)

The last track that I would like to mention - although out of favor - is Maywood Park. Although the Chicago circuit has been beaten down, it seems worthwhile to take a look.

Sincerely, Scott