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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breeders Crown Appetizer

Hialeah Park which conducted a quarter horse meet last year as part of an effort to get slots took a blood bath on their meet last year.  In an effort to get their anemic wagering pools larger, management has announced they are taking the drastic step of reducing their takeout to 12% across the board regardless of the wager.  Will it work?  You bet it will; the only question will be how much their handle will increase by.  I predict you will find horseplayers who usually avoid the quarter horses will be gravitating to Hialeh's racing product when racing resumes on December 3.  Clearly the message is out, racetracks must lower their takeouts if they want to increase their racing handle.  With the exception of California, it seems racing has finally learned their lesson. 

While most people reading this blog are waiting for Saturday afternoon/evening, permit me to offer an appetizer of sort to get you ready.  The John F Simpson Memorial series is being raced at Vernon Downs on Thursday and Friday evenings.  For those looking to play a few races before Saturday afternoon, permit me to provide you my selections for the Simpson Memorials.

Thursday, October 7
3rd Vernon Downs - $16,496 Trot - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Fillies 1st Division
4 - Lyrical Lady (Hammer, 6-1)
5 - Madam Stacey (Smedshammer, 5-2)
7 - Brooklyn (Antonacci, 7-2)

5th Vernon Downs - $16,496 Trot - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Fillies 2nd Division
1 - Some Girls (Brunet, 9-2)
4 - Miss Lee (Bloodgood, 7-2)
5 - Go Go Dancer (Whittemore, 6-1)

Friday, October 8
3rd Vernon Downs - $15,447 Trot - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Colts 1st Division
4 - Surface Tension (Daley, 3-1)
5 - Bambino Hall (Huckabone, 8-1)
6 - Mr Web Page (Lopez, 10-1)
Coupled: The Lindy Reserve and Philander

4th Vernon Downs - $30,594 Pace - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Fillies
10 - Native Daughter (Whittemore, 10-1)
  2 - Sight To See (Huckabone, 6-1)
  8 - Asteria Blue Chip (Lems, 5-2)
  1 - Bettor B Genuine (Freese, 10-1)

5th Vernon Downs - $15,447 Trot - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Colts 2nd Division
1 - Aequitas (Antonacci, 3-1)
4 - Daleydaydream (Daley, 5-1)
3 - New Zion (Krivelin, 6-1)
Coupled: Aequitas and Leonardo Da Lindy

6th Vernon Downs - $28,794 Pace - Simpson Memorial - 2yo Colts
  4 - Daughtry Hanover (Paquet, 6-1)
1A - Odin Blue Chip (Simpson, 3-1) 
  3 - Tkr's Metro Specs (Antonacci, 5-1)
Coupled: Yacht King and Odin Blue Chip

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