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Friday, July 23, 2010

Adios Elims; Maple Leaf Trot

Now back to racing.....

While most of the stakes action takes place at Mohawk this weekend, there is some action of note at the Meadows this Saturday; the three elimination races which will determine the field for next week's Adios Stakes.  The field did lose it' marquee entry when Sportswriter's connections decided the colt had enough of the heat and humidity and sent the North America Cup winner home.  While Rock N Roll Heaven and One More Laugh are missing from the field, there are enough solid three year olds competing to make the Adios a race to watch. 

The Meadows - Saturday, July 24
9th Pace - $50,000; Delvin Miller Adios Elimination #1 - 3yo Open
1  We Will See (5-2) - Colt showed he belongs in the NA Cup.  With the rail figures to be seen at the end.
2  Bombastic (6-1) - A nice overnight horse tries his luck against better.  Reaching here.
3  Fisher's Character (5-1) - Winner in second-tier PA stakes.  Can't ignore with Palone.
4  Rockin Image (7-5) - Horse is the one to beat but offers no value.  Will try to beat.
5  Delmaralous (4-1) - Haas been racing better than it shows.  Upset pick to win it all here.
6  Europan Union (8-1) - Seems to be overmatched.  Pass.
7  Shoobee's Place (8-1) - Been a fringe player at this level.  Can't see.
Selections: 5-4-1

10th Pace - $50,000; Delvin Miller Adios Elimination #2 - 3yo Open
1  Art Professor (8-1) - Best efforts have been on the smaller ovals.  Don't ignore.
2  Outrageous Art (7-2) - Winner of 6 out of 8 takes on better. 
3  I'm Gorgeous (4-1) - Was able to pick up the pieces in the Pace.  Can improve against slightly weaker field.
4  Golden Time (6-1) - Trio of seconds in lower level stakes.  Will need to step it up here.
5  Versado (5-2) - Burke Trainee moves up in class.  Not sure a pick here at low odds..
6  TSM Ryans Dragon (8-1) - Seemingly overmatched.  Pass.
7  Nova Artist (5-1) - Would not shock me againt these if he won despite the post.
Selections:  1-3-7

11th Pace - $50,000; Delvin Miller Adios Elimination #3 - 3yo Open
1  Tobago Cays (10-1) - Has been racing empty but finally draws inside.  May land in trifecta.
2  Jonesie Hanover (8-1) - Finished second against We Will See in last.  Let 9th race be your guide.
3  Trick Man (10-1) - Seems to be a tough spot.
4  Pang Shui (6-1) - Another who raced We Will See in last with tougher trip.  Possible upset.
5  Valentino (5-2) - The class of the field was impeded and finished 3rd in Pace.  Horse to beat..
6  Blue Rock (9-2) - Comes off two wins against overnighters.  May be able to compete here for minor spoils.
7  Whackamole Hanover (8-1) - Scratched out of last.  Pass.
8  Foreign Officer (7-2) - Second tier horse would not surprise if he lands share.
Selections: 5-4-6

At Mohawk on Saturday evening, top older horses take center stage in the Maple Leaf Trot, Armbro Flight, and the Roses Are Red Stakes.  With Enough Talk and Lucky Jim renewing their rivalry, a lot of drama will be playing out in the Maple Leaf.  Every one is saying this race is a two horse race but there is a wild card in the European invader Reven Damour.

At Mohawk we see another poor way to handle eliminations.  In these races, more than ten horses entered  each; but not enough to card multiple eliminations.  In this case, the best horses were given byes with the rest having to compete to qualify.  This means horses with a bye could take the week off while the others needed to race, possibly providing them an advantage.  While these horses probably would have qualified if they needed to compete, it is not fair to the otherss.  Either you need to compete to race or draw the race based on monetary earnings. 

Mohawk Racetrack - Saturday, July 24
7th Trot - $772,000; Maple Leaf Trot - Open
  1  Enough Talk (5-2) -  A different horse from last year.  The one to beat.
  2  All Cantab (15-1) - Must improve greatly to be a factor here.
  3  Lucky Jim (3-1) - While he seems to have lost a step of late, he can't be disregarded.
  4  San Pail (3-1) - Elimination winner is 7 for 9 this year.  Now is the time to step up.
  5  Slave Dream (15-1) - Grabbed the last spot last week.  Will be lucky to pick up a check.
  6  Reven Damour (8-1) - Ignoring this horse would be a mistake.  Potential to shock.
  7  Armbro Chronicle (12-1) - Will be meeting better here.
  8  Lanson (10-1) -  Has not returned to his form from last year.  Pass.
  9  Triumphant Caviar (20-1) - Will need luck to get involved here.
10  Define The World (20-1) - Has not returned to the form he displayed in Europe.
AE Wind Surfer (NA) - No post will help him if he draws in.
Selections: 6-1-3-4

9th Trot - $351,000; Armbro Flight - Open Fillies and Mares
   1  Buck I St Pat (1-1) - Mare finally gets to race against her own gender.  May run away from these.
   2  Southwind Wasabi (10-1) - Closed sharply last week.  Maybe best of the rest.
   3  Friendly Amigo (12-1) - Racing hoping for a miracle.  Not likely.
   4  Autumn Escapade (9-2) - Elimination winner on three race win streak.  Only one with a chance to defeat the top pick.
   5  Windsong Soprano (7-1) - Has not shown she can take on the top aged mares.
   6  Yursa Hanover (12-1) - Will be a good one.  Not yet.
   7  Rose Run Keepsake (10-1) - Needs cover to get into race.  Exotic posibility.
   8  Elusive Desire (8-1) - Only wins came against Ontario breds.
   9  Diana Hall (25-1) - No chance against these.
 10  Kandor Hanover (20-1) - Was trailing badly when jumped in last.  Pass.
Selections:  1-4-2-7

10th Pace - $376,000; Roses Are Red Stakes - Open Fillies and Mares
   1  Shanghai Lil (8-1) - A step below these but could land share with best.
   2  Ginger And Fred (5-1) - Was unable to close after getting a perfect trip.  Pass.
   3  A PS Money Maker (8-1) - Seems to have tailed off.
   4  Dreamfair Eternal (2-1) -  Queen of the aged pacing ranks riding three race win streak.  The one to beat.
   5 Arts Diva (15-1) - Has finished second to top choice several times.  Don't ignore.
   6  Miss Scarlett (20-1) - Is overmatched against these.
   7  Tug River Princess (5-2) - Can take this race if Dreamfair is not at best. 
   8  Chancey Lady (8-1) - Completes superfecta on best.
   9  Up Front Kellie Jo (25-1) - No chance here.
 10  To Helen Back (15-1) - Wouldn't shock if she completes the superfecta.
 AE  Forever Ivy (NA) - Can land share if she draws inside.
Selects: 4-5-7-10

For those following Tioga Downs, here are my selections for Friday and Saturday nights.  Apologies for the late posting.

Tioga Downs, Friday, July 23
1st - Bonnie And Slide, Leah Me Alone, Talulla Davine (3-7-5)
2nd - Canaco Piment, Rising Debt, Huge Success N (7-1-6)
3rd - Go Gal Go, Belle Of The Brawl, Fast Mail (4-7-5)
4th - Ranger One, Colonial Mansion, CR's Gift, Just Listed (8-1-3-6)
5th - Radiant Hall, Little Pop Queen, Don't Touch This (1-2-7)
6th - Feel The Rush, George Is A Hit, Tuscan Lady (1-4-9)
7th - Shady Matilda, Cape Cove Daisy, Spectacular Cam, Allamerican Celeb (2-6-1-9)
8th - Eagle Way, Lucy Lucy, Elusive Prey (2-5-6)
9th - Amile To Remember, Keep On Believin, Mandolin Hanover (4-6-2)
10th - Bolero Electra, Celeriter, Odd On Diamant, RG Queensmagic (3-1-2-6)

Tioga Downs, Saturday, July 24
1st - Honey Ofacharacter, Fox Valley Primo, Western Albert (3-2-9)
2nd - Bar None, Witness Perfection, Lost Weight (4-6-8)
3rd - Kash N Credit, Ladainian, Rally By The River (2-5-4)
4th - Talkaboutjoy, Four Starz Motor, Yankee Gospel, Betteka (3-4-7-2)
5th - Cody's Honor, Brave Hearted, DVC Freewaytofame (2-6-4)
6th - The Windsurfer A, New Revenue, Baseball Express (5-3-6)
7th - All Joy, Super lotto, Summer Ran, Jeff's Night Out (7-6-1-9)
8th - Slated For Success, Southern Beauty, Zapphappy Kash (7-2-3)
9th - Gavino, Cam's Western, Ascot Cognac, Armbro Claret (2-1-6-4)

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