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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pena Responds

Lou Pena gives Brett Sturman an interview where he discusses his success and responds to suspicions that he is using performance enhancers on his horses on Harness Link.  In the interview, Pena indicates he has volunteered to race out of the detention stall at the Meadowlands to prove his innocence and he invites those who live in "glass houses" to join him in the detention barns.

Of course, the question is would the Meadowlands take Mr. Pena up on his offer?  The Meadowlands had previously selected random overnight races to race out of the detention barn but that program was discontinued due to the costs involved.  Would the Meadowlands be willing to incur the expense once again?

As for the interview itself, it seemed to be a softball interview, basically letting Mr. Pena tell his side of the story; you could call it the 'yang' to Andew Cohen's 'ying' column.  The Sturman interview had only a couple of general questions regarding the allegations made by Cohen and others with no follow-up.  That being said, Pena deserved the chance to make his case.

I don't believe either column has changed people's opinions.  Those who have suspicions will continue to have them even after this interview.  Those who believe Pena is being falsely targeted will continue to feel so.  Time will tell who is right. 

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