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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A New Low

We would be remiss if we didn't discuss the terrible accident which occurred last night at the Meadowlands during the second race.  Clearly it was one of the most horrific wrecks I have seen in a long time with six horses being involved in the pile-up.  Our best wishes go out to Richie Silverman who clearly suffered the worst of it in the mishap.  Hopefully it won't be long until we see him back in the sulky.  Fortunately, none of the horses suffered severe injuries. 

It still amazes me when people talk about drivers deliberately forcing their horses to go off stride.  Whenever someone says these types of things, someone should show them a replay of an accident like last night's and ask them if they still think someone would jump a horse off gait as part of some conspiracy. 

It seems to me there are many more accidents these days than we used to see.  I will be discussing this in subsequent blog.

The Meadowlands has sunk to a new low with the bookend races on tonight's racing card.  The first race is for non-winners of $4,000 in the last five starts with the finale a race for $10,000 claimers.  Who would have ever thought the day would come when the Meadowlands would have to resort to these bottom classes on a Saturday night to present a full racing card?  Mind you, this is with the support of the expiring casino industry subsidy.  Imagine what racing will be like at the Meadowlands next year without any subsidy or relief from the state.  Without any assistance, the Meadowlands may be forced to emulate what is being done at Monmouth Park; running a meet of less than a hundred days.  To race longer than that will result in such a watering down of the racing product that wagering interest will fall off the cliff and ten thousand claimers may be the top class.    

Haven't heard enough commentary regarding Lou Pena?  Derick Giwner sums it up; perfectly.

For those following the action at Tioga Downs, here are my selections for Saturday and Sunday.  Don't forget Sunday is the first Pick-6 Sunday at Tioga featuring the $6,000 guaranteed pool.  Race 4 kicks off the Pick-6.

Saturday, June 19
1st - Camboozler, Goldstar Incenzo, Extraordinary Guy (4-2-1)
2nd - Sturdy Falcon, Banker Ablaze, Fox Valley Majest (4-3-2)
3rd - Blazing Winner, Zapphappy Kash, Catamount N (1-2-7)
4th - Quick Delivery, Sisyphus, Wholli Molli Eddie, Powerful Al (2-1-8-3)
5th - Southern Beauty, Slated For Success, Doc's All Class (4-2-5)
6th - Real Houdini, Bond Blue Chip, Sheenajunglequeen (6-5-1)
7th - Andover America, One Awesome Master, Browadwaylonghall, Kash N Credit (2-9-7-1)
8th - Galahad Hall, Habanero, Red Rocks (5-7-4)
9th - Lindy The Shark, Bartender Blues, Eric Cartman (6-7-2)
10th - Tricky Fella, Ethical Hanover, Presidential Skam, Lookinforasign (1-7-4-6)

Sunday, June 20
1st- New Revenue, Tuscan Lindy, Majestic Lad (3-4-7)
2nd - Paydaze A Comin, That's Justice, Calmlee Jason (5-6-2)
3rd - A Crown For Lindy, Aviewtoakill, Sam's Honeybee (8-2-3)
4th - Village Blizzard, Clive Hanover, Gavino, Coronet Hanover (3-4-6-8)
5th - Reasontocelebrate, Savannah Scion, Cee Pee Bush (1-4-5)
6th - Southbound Trucker, Winbak Dimensions, Cactus Creek (7-2-1)
7th - Cam's Western, Starfleets Fury, Elm Grove Action (5-1-8)
8th - Tree Light, Tyber Champ, Virtuocity (5-4-3)
9th - Baffler, Big John B, Leutenant General (2-3-8)
10th - True Desire, Opan Heart, Goldstar Patriod D, Keep On Dreamin (4-2-6-1)

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