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Friday, June 18, 2010

Exchange Betting, NA Cup Elims, Tioga Friday Night

Legislation has been introduced to permit the NJSEA to offer exchange wagering.  Were this bill to be approved by both houses of the legislature, New Jersey could be the first state to allow exchange wagering in the United States.  Of course, the outcome of this legislative proposal may depend on Governor Christie's plans for horse racing in the State of New Jersey and may run afoul of the state constitution which authorized pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing.  That being said, it is good to see a state attempt to do something to promote increased wagering on horse racing.

Saturday at Mohawk brings us three eliminations of the North American Cup which will be raced next week.  Unlike recent years, there is yet to be that one standout horse in the three year old pacing division so the potential for upsets in these eliminations does exist.  In particular, I am looking for upsets in the first and second eliminations.  Here is my take on the three divisions.

5th Race - $50,000; North American Cup - 1st Elimination
 1 - Rock Me Please (10-1) - Seems to be in too deep.
 2 - OK Commander (25-1) - May have a chance with the second tier horses, but not here.
 3 - Ideal Matter (7-2) - Draws well and has been better than originally thought.  With the draw may compete for the win.
 4 - Power Of A Moment (12-1) - Illini 14 for 17. Being tested for class but may be able to upset with faves drawing outside.
 5 - Code Word (25-1) - Seems to race better with Ontario-sired.  Pass.
 6 - Allthatgltrsisgold  (7-1) - Can't dismiss with a better trip.
 7 - Sportswriter (6-1) - Been plaqued with quarter cracks.  Plan to revert to successful racing style, but want to see a race before supporting.
 8 - Kyle Major (9-2) - Must respect but draws poorly.
 9 - Rock N Roll Heaven (5-2) - Done in by the fog in last.  Post may do him in this week.
10 - Dr Drreamy (7-1) - Only concerned with advancing to the final.
Selections: 4-3-9-6 

7th Race - $50,000; North American Cup - 2nd Elimination
 1 - Mach Dreamer (25-1) - Has to have a better trip this week, but it may still be asking too much.
 2 - Delmarvalous (7-2) - Still looking for first win this year.  Has had a problem substaining drive at the end.
 3 - Twin B Warrior (7-1) - Wouldn't surprise me.  Must consider for exotics.
 4 - Art N Charm (25-1) - Appears overmatched.
 5 - All Speed Hanover (2-1) - Is the horse to beat with post advantage over Fred And Ginger.
 6 - Four Starz Trace (12-1) - Can't rule out, but will pass.
 7 - Stonebridge Tonic (15-1) - Another one that can't be ruled completely out.  Could shock.
 8 - Haul Away (8-1) - My upset selection.  Won at Georgian Downs; competitive against Anderlecht.  Worth a chance at long odds.
 9 - Fred An Ginger (3-1) - Can go head to head with All Speed except the draw hurts chances.
10 - Triple Major (20-1) -  Would be a huge shock.  Don't see.
Selections: 8-5-9

8th Race - $50,000; North American Cup - 3rd Elimination
 1 - We Will See (8-1) - No we wont.
 2 - Woodstock (10-1) - Has not thus far been able to live up to the expectations some had.
 3 - Iam Bonasera (12-1) - Another Illini shipping in.  Gauge by performance of Power Of A Moment in the 5th.
 4 - BP Chimo (6-1) - Has been knocking.  May be worth a play at decent odds.
 5 - Keystone Raptor (7-1) - Shocked last week at 39-1.  Not convinced he can repeat this week.
 6- Piece Of The Rock (5-1) - Seems to be over his head.
 7 - Warrawee Legend (15-1) - Another with little chance.
 8 - One More Laught (2-1) - Rooney victor seems to be up to the task.  Is the one to beat.
 9 - Art Professor (7-1) - Tested for class here.  May complete the superfecta.
10 - Malicious (6-1) - Draws the worst of it, but may still land share.
Selections: 4-8-3-9

While attention is drawn to the NA Cup, there are eliminations for other quality races such as the Goodtimes Trot, where many Hambo eligible horses will race, in addition to the Fan Hanover.  While no apparent standouts are in the Goodtimes, we can expect steller performances by Fan Hanover participants Put On A Show (2nd), Fancy Filly (9th).

For those following Tioga Downs, this week marks the return of conditioned race; replacing the ABC  classified system at the behest of horsemen.  While I think the racing secretary did a good job with classifying horses, the racing population was overloaded with the C class horses, not allowing much movement in classes. 

Here are my selections for Friday evening:

 1st - George Is A Hit, Guess Again, Earnest Kash (1-8-3)
 2nd - Little Pop Queen, Smarty Smiley, Honey Ofacharacter (1-2-5)
 3rd - Focus On The Rail, Dangerismybusiness, Leaves And Twigs (1-2-8)
 4th - Isle Of View Too, East Coast Girl, Goalie Avenue, True Gritty (2-8-6-1)
 5th - Goldstarlook, CR's Gift, K M Dreamcatcher (5-8-3)
 6th - Silverdollar Shark, Cape Cove Daisy, Miss Chris (1-2-4)
 7th - Huge Success N, Canaco Piment, Odds On Diamant, KZ Bezz (9-8-6-2)
 8th - All Spirit, Ubetterthink Think, Penn Pincher (6-5-4)
 9th - Lost Weight, Colonial Mansion, Bluff Springs (2-1-4)
10th - About Me, Nothing Canshakeme, A Canuck Eh, Allamerican Solo (2-1-6-8)

Business is going well at Vernon Downs.  Purses have been increased 15% starting June 24 with the top overnighters racing for up to $11,000 while the bottom claimers will be racing for $3,400.  In the meanwhile, Pick-6 wagering debuts at Tioga Downs with a guaranteed pool of $6,000 and is being offered only on Sundays.  Continuing with their practice of offering the lowest possible takeout rate, the takeout rate on the Pick-6 will be 21%. 

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