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Friday, October 11, 2013

NJ Residents Pay Heed

I may be preaching to the choir here but if you are considering voting for Governor Christie for a second term (though it seems like a forgone conclusion), just consider what the Governor has said about the inevitability of a Meadowlands casino.  If the Governor is re-elected, don't assume a casino is coming to the Meadowlands eventually, at least not while he is the Chief Executive.

I would love to say his opponent Barbara Buono is more sympathetic to a casino in the Meadowlands but unfortunately, when she has been asked about her thoughts about expanded gambling, she was pretty evasive.  Perhaps it was not wanting to upset anyone in South Jersey, but there certainly was no endorsement of the concept.

While I know how I will be voting, there will be no endorsement from me for either candidate based on their racing/gaming strategy.  For all we know, we may be talking peas in a pod.

Also, remember last election the SBOANJ was under the impression the Governor was going to be a friend of racing, raising funds for his campaign and the such.  Talk about being hoodwinked.  Hopefully, this time the racing industry has learned its lesson.