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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beatin' The Captain?

As we come down to the final two days of racing at The Red Mile, the biggest events take place.  Today, there are two divisions of the Tattersalls Pace with the first division feature 3yo monster of the year Captaintreacherous.  The question fans are asking is how fast with the Captain go today?  The question gamblers will be asking is can he be beat? With Win, Place, and Show wagering being offered, one may also ask how much bridgejumping will take place?  I give credit to The Red Mile for not restricting wagering on the Captain even though it may cost track management quite a bit of money.

So can the Captain be beat today?  Here is my analysis of the race:

6th- 1st Division of The Tattersalls Pace
1 - Vegas Vacation (Sears, 5-2) - Jug winner has come into his own of late but has yet to beat the Big One.  Can he do it today?  I don't see it and certainly not worth a shot at 5-2.
2 - Emeritus Maximus (Jamieson, 15-1) - Drew inside of the Captain in only meeting and finished a respectable third.  Is he in to protect the Captain's position?
3 - Beach Memories (Miller, 12-1) - Finished second in the Bluegrass against the Captain but seems not to be able to rough it.  Will ride they pylons and hope for time to move.
4 - Urbanite Hanover (Pierce, 10-1) - Only recently showing some ability but finished well beaten when against Sunshine Beach.   A tosser.
5 - Captaintreacherous (Tetrick, 1-1) - What is there to say.  Only way he gets baten is if he is forced to go an overland route.  Will someone do it today?  That's the question.  One thing for certain, don't try to beat the Bridgejumpers.
6 - Sir Richard Z Tam (Lachance, 20-1) - The question here is is there anyone he beats in this race?  Barring a break, I doubt it.  Pass.
7 - Sunshine Beach (Campbell, 4-1) - Vanquished the Captain in The Battle of the Brandywine.  Will be flying early.  The question is can he get to the front before the Captain?

Prediction: The key to the race will be the first quarter.  Sunshine Beach will try to outgun the Captain to the first pole.  I suspect it will be tough going here to stop the Captain.  Captain wins going away with Vegas Vacation second and Sunshine Beach holding third.                     

For those intersested, here is the second division of The Tattersalls Pace; race 10 on the program.
1 -  Fool Me Once (Sears,2-1) - Earning the dough in NYSS and now takes on open company.  A possibility.
2 - Twilight Bonfire (D Miller, 6-1) - Well beaten in recent.  Nothing to recommend at this time.
3 - Normandy Invasion (A Miller, 15-1) - Been racing decently but biggest trouble is getting past the start.  Too deep this week.  Pass.
4 -  Sunfire Blue Chip  (Gingras, 3-1) - Adios winner makes appearance after scratching from second heat of the Jug.  Lands a share.
5 - Wake Up Peter (Pierce, 4-1) - Still winless this year but finds an easier field for the first time in a while.  Worth taking a shot here.
6 - Dedi's Dragon Tetrick, 10-1)  - Nothing to like.  Pass.
7 - Apprentice Hanover (Jamieson, 9-2) -  Well beaten in last against the Captain.  Should find this field better to his liking.

Prediction - Wake Up Peter looks primed to break his drought.  Apprentice Hanover looks like he will show up in the exacta.  Sunfire Blue Chip holds on to complete triple.


Anonymous said...


How about that stretch battle between the Captain and Vegas Vacation? It appeared for just a moment that Vegas would finally get the win after so many attempts, but the Captain fought back.

As great as the race was, I wish drivers had played by the rules. Each was putting a boot to the hind leg of their horses. Isn't it time that fines be high enough to discourage kicking horses or other violations?

Pacingguy said...

It was a great race. You are absolutely correct, the fines need to be high to discourage violations, I have argued for tiering penalties based on what a driver makes in a year so a fine would serve as a deterrent, not a cost of doing business.

Of course a fine no matter how high it is has no effect if the judges don't call the penalty.