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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Snagged in PA, Denied in PA

There were rumors this summer regarding some trainers in Pennsylvania getting caught using an illicit drug which would blow the industry.  Well, according to Harness Racing Update, three trainers were allegedly found using Arnesp.  The three trainers have been fined $5,000 plus given fibe year suspensions.  All those found guilty are due their day in front of a hearing board, but a five year suspension, if the trainers were indeed responsible is not long enough.  A lifetime ban is more appropriate.

The Pennsylvania Racing Commission has come down hard on the appeal of Walter Case Jr., denying his permission to resume his racing career.  The commission indicated Case can reapply for a license in five years which at the age of 57 won't do much for him.  The fact Case was denied a license hurts him as it will go on his record should he apply elsewhere.

My guess is if Case wants to resume racing, his only choice may be racing in California as they seem to be liberal when it comes to applying for licenses.  Of course, one or two days a week doesn't provide sufficient opportunity.  I do think the PHRC was too tough on Case,  I realize the license refusal was more to do with his criminal offense, but if they cited his kicking violations, they better be handing out some serious fines for kicking, not the typical $100 fines.


Anonymous said...


Pennsylvania did the right thing on Walter Case.

The commission doesn't explain what was wrong with his "experience, character and general fitness to participate in harness racing."

Being an ex-con could have had something to do with the decision, but more significant to racing is Case's behavior when he was licensed. Remember, there were a lot of suspensions never served and fines never paid. No reason to welcome Case back to racing in any state.

Pacingguy said...

I understand your points and admit they are problematic but it would be ironic if Case can't get licensed for what Pennsylvania now slaps wrists for.

Anonymous said...

But the guys getting those "wrist slaps" actually PAY their fines. And Mr. Case still has days he received in NJ (for bailing on a drug test) that he never served.