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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Indiana harness racing ...

by Peter Lawrence, Contributor to VFTRG

... in a video apparently produced by Purdue University. Outstanding overall job, outstanding shots, out
standing interviews.
Outstanding grasp of the nuances of the sport and business. Outstanding production and story line.
Also, good to see faces - Eash, Wilfong, etc. - of people I've only previously known by name.
Not the least of whom are the senior Tetricks, who one presumes are the sire and dam of the famous drivers, Tim and Trace.
Interesting, and more than a little ironic, is where it's noted that Indiana harness horse people once had to race out of state, because fair racing was all they had at home. Now, many Illinois harness folk from the state next door make their way TO Indiana (and Ohio), in a reverse migration in search of racing opportunity.
I've been to and raced at the Indiana state fairgrounds out there in Indianapolis in the '70s, '80s and even '90s, but have never experienced Hoosier Park or Indiana Downs in person.
Love to get back out there sometime to see old friends like Ernie Gaskin, Bruce and Brooke Nickells, Mark O'Mara and others.
But back to the video ... check it out. You'll enjoy it.
P.S. - I never knew the Hoosier Park barn area was on the same side of the track as the grandstand. Interesting, sort of like The Red Mile's setup in Lexington, with stables at the top of the stretch.
PPS - This video is brand new to me, though I'm not sure when it was produced.

Grand Prix de France 2016 which I used to simply call the Prix de France, is Sunday at Vincennes.
Prix d'Amerique winner Bold Eagle is entered, as is arch-rival Timoko.
Plus others, of course. Post time for big European feature races tends to be around 10:20 a.m., Eastern time.
These were two of the European trots we Americans were following Maven through last year.
Time flies, huh? A year ago, already.

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