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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Exchange Wagering Closer to Reality in the Garden State

According to HRU, exchange wagering is set to debut in New Jersey late March or early April.  The Meadowlands will be the first track exchange wagers will be accepted on with wagering limited to New Jersey gamblers.  There are talks with out of state tracks to allow for exchange wagering but quite honestly, until a trial period takes place, only a small number of tracks (basically those who have nothing to lose) will likely be willing to participate.

While the rake will be 12%, much larger than elsewhere in the world, but for now, the best deal in horse racing (minus rebate shops), expect savy youthful gamblers to make up the majority of participants.  Racing has always had a fear exchange wagering will take away dollars from the mutuel pools so they have been reluctant to adopt this form of wagering (California was the first state to adopt rules for exchange wagering, but no track is willing to take up the mantle).  The larger takeout in North America will mean a larger payment to tracks and horsemen so hopefully once people have had time to 'kick the tires', other tracks will be willing to allow their races added to the menu.  

Assuming past precedent, once a trial period is over, expect California to finally come on board with other states attempting to get this form of wagering approved.

Once exchange wagering goes live in New Jersey, I plan on kicking the tires myself and will offer my opinion of this wagering option.

Super Bowl Warm-Up: If you are looking for something to do before the Super Bowl today and want to play the trotters, you need to go to the Canadian west coast as Fraser Downs is the only track running.  First race is at 3:45 EST.  As all Canadian tracks, programs are free and in this case available for download here. 

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