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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Briefs

Would you fix a race to win $820?  What if I told you the trainer who fixed the race stood to earn $1,000 by winning the race?  Who know what went through the mind of the father and son team of Shayne and Greg Camp who each plead guilty to a single charge of race fixing.  In the plea, the father will have to do 300 hours of community service while the son (who now drives a forklif) has to do 200 hours of community service.  On top of this, it is widely expected these two will never work again in harness racing.  On the surface it seems like a stupid move.

Derick Giwner talks about the overlapping of stakes races on Saturday with major stakes races at  Mohawk, Yonkers, Pocono, and Tioga Downs.  It is my cup runneth over.  As Derick explains the problem is we are guaranteed races will overlap, especially with post creep.  You would hope post creep would be used to make sure races don't conflict but as long as there is money remaining to be wagered on, post time will be delayed.

The HANA Handicappers have been hard at work with races since Thursday night and continuing until the last contest race is contested on Monday.  The pinnacle of this weekend comes tonight when the action moves to Mohawk and Yonkers Raceway.  You can see the handicappers selections for Saturday evening at this link.

There is a new owner of Lawrence Downs, the last harness track to be opened in Pennsylvania.  This owner is the one who will finally get it done.  Call me cynical, but there have been so many iterations of ownership who were supposed to get the track opened, I'll believe it when I see it.

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