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Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend RUS Recap

This past Saturday at Kwartha Downs a RUS event was carded.  In a competitive race until they hit the stretch the final line,   The winner was Muscles Massive in a very good 2:00.4.

Approximately $3,100 was wagered on the race, below the average for the day, but with a short field of six, it could somewhat be expected.

Yes, if anyone is wondering, there is an auto track inside the five-eighths oval.  Many of the smaller harness tracks are multi-purpose to one degree or another.

RUS is a nice 'safe 'sport?    Hardly.  Ask the family of Christelle Zimmer who died as a result of a fall she experienced during a monté race in Chartes, France.  Reports indicate she had a heart attack but the suspicion is the heart attack was the result of the injuries she suffered as the result of her fall.

Some may feel RUS is not real racing, no danger and a merely a jaunt around the track..  Quite the opposite; it is as dangerous as traditional standardbred racing (probably worse based on insurance premiums), full of risk for drivers and jockeys alike and involves speed and decisions made as you go.  Our sympathy goes out to the family of Christelle Zimmer.

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