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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday Briefs

A couple of legislators have racing's back.  In response to the proposal for allowing three casinos in Northern New Jersey, State Senators Jennifer Beck and Declan O'Scanlan said 'no way' unless a portion of the revenue is dedicated to horse racing and written into the amendment.  As State Senators, they have seen how money 'dedicated' to one cause is easily moved to another cause in Trenton to cover shortfalls and the like.

Any revenue for horse racing needs to be written in stone (the state constitution), otherwise, whether or not racing gets a share of the profits will be up to the legislature each budget year.  By having it enshrined in a constitutional amendment, any dedicated revenue will be off-limits to the Governor and the legislature.

The Hard Rock Casino plan calls for two phases with the first phase renovating part of the existing racetrack facility.  If this plan comes to fruition, it is going to be a tight squeeze for horseplayers.

Yes, all the news this week is about the Belmont Stakes.  While perhaps not the stature of the Belmont, Saturday night has eight Grand Circuit contests going at the Meadowlands (4 races), The Meadows (1), Mohawk (2), and Scioto Downs (1).  Wouldn't it be great if there was a waager tied to the Grand Circuit which would payoff to those who had the most winners from all the races on a given day?  This would be something for the Grand Circuit and the USTA to discuss, perhaps having a Internet show around the wager.

Speaking of the Belmont, I came across an article about the post position draw for the final race in the Triple Crown.  So what you may ask?  Click on the link and see.  I fail to see the Jockey Club of Canada discussing any harness racing.  Until the JCC runs articles about harness racing, I suggest Standardbred Canada promote harness racing and leave the thoroughbred stories to the runners.

This week, I see a lot of articles referring to thoroughbred aftercare.  Isn't it a shame there is no standardbred aftercare program in existence?  Yes, things are tight in harness racing circles, but to have no program in effect reflects poorly on the industry.

Have a great Thursday everyone.

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