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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Races We (Likely) Won't See; Timoko Cruises and Maven Places

Adore Me, who just last week set the world record for a pacing mare on any size track, has been retired as the result of 'lameness' which became apparent as she pulled up after finishing second in the Auckland Cup.  Turns out the lameness was actually a broken sesamoid bone.  As much as there were hopes for even better things from this mare, it will have to come from the breeding shed, not on the track.

What a shame for racing.  As much as Australian horses have not panned out in the top ranks of North American racing, it would have been interesting to see Adore Me try her luck in the Northern Hemisphere.

Harness Racing Update reports that a Timoko vs. Sebastian K matchup in the Yonkers International Trot is not likely.  The reason?  Scheduling.  The International is tentatively scheduled for October 10, the Saturday before Breeders Crown eliminations.  It is also the last day of the Lexington meet which the last day has the Allerage Trot, which is currently on Sebastian K's dance card.  At first blush, having the International on the same day as closiing day at Lexington makes no sense but if you want European horses to stick around for the Breeders Crown, you can't have down time; they are here to race and go home.    Is there away to resolve scheduling problems like this?  Not very likely; the only thing I think which could be done is to raise the purse on the International to tempt horses away from Lexington; but at $1 million already how much higher do you go?

Do  you long for the days when post time meant post time?  If so, French racing may be what you pine for.  PMU televises both standardbred and thoroughbred racing and they list post times for races and they adhere to it.  For example, if you look at the screen shot from the fourth race at Cagnes-Sur-Mer, post time (DEPART) is 15:25.  As they run down the field and all during the video beforehand, the current time is displayed.  You know when the race is going off and there is no excuse to miss the race.:

This coordinated with other race meets going on of different breeds.  Will it ever be like this here?  We can dream can't we?

Timoko won the Grand Criterium at Cagnes-Sur-Mer today but for North American interests who were losing faith with Maven, there was some validation that she belongs racing against this type of horse as she closed like a bullet to finish second, despite starting from the outside on the first tier (post 8).

After leaving sharply with Pascia'lest to put some sting to him, Timoko yielded and then retook the lead just past the quarter to then take the field the rest of the way to victory in 1:54.7.   As long as Timoko stays sharp and sound, North American fans can look forward to seeing the 8 year old son on Imoko in the Yonkers International Trot.  As for Maven, she remains in Europe with her next start in the Lotteria in Italy.

The weather has apparently taken its toll on Harrah's Philadelphia as opening day has been moved out a week to March 27.

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