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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Langley Wins Re-election as USTA President

Phil Langley was re-elected President of the USTA overwhelmingly over Jason Settlemoir by a tally of 38-13.  It became clear through Langley's 'stump' speech before the vote, the election was a referendum on Jeff Gural.  

What specifically turned the election to Langley?  No doubt the so-called 'Gural Rule' regarding 4yos needing to race instead of heading to a breeding career turned breeders against Gural.  It also seemed the proposal to have slot tracks and horsemen contribute to a marketing program further turned the election in favor of Langley.

Does this mean it will be the same-old USTA?  Time will tell.  While the leadership remains the same, it does seem some effort is being made to move the organization forward, the question is how fast?  One distressing comment made was the success of getting slots at many track which suggests the organization will continue advocating its reliance on slots instead of working on ways to make the sport more self-reliant.

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