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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Have Met the Enemy and it is Ourselves

THe original plans for Canadian Trotting Classic night had the $15,000 RUS event being a wagering event.  So you can imagine when some fans saw the RUS event go as a non-wagering contest.  Were they mistaken?  Apparently not.  Turns out members of the old-guard had objections to this new fangled way of racing so the kabosh was put on wagering despite the fact RUS events in the province have basically made up 8-10% of the daily handle where wagering was permitted.

The public wants RUS, progressive members of the standardbred community want it, but those with years in the sport either can't look through the forest to see the trees and recognize RUS is a new entree to get new participants and fans for the sport or fear the loss of racing opportunities for their racing stock despite RUS supporters hoping to get initially one race on a daily racing card.  What is ironic about the fear of losing racing opportunities is there is nothing keeping them from training their trotting stock to race under saddle.

It is this parochial thinking which helps keep standardbred racing back.  But then if these people had their way, we still wouldn't be racing with hopples.  The time has come for the old guard to give way to those willing to give the sport a change to survive.

Meanwhile, while the old guard digs their heels in, those involved with RUS are doing their best to promote standardbred racing.  Maybe the old guard should think again who their real enemies are, it is not those involved with RUS.

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