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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bring on the Horns

There was a racing accident at Batavia on Labor Day where officials called the race a non-contest after a loose horse jumped over another and fell down.the second time around the track.  The track announcer made the announcement to the drivers that the race was called as they approached the three-quarters point but the drivers continued to drive on.  You can see what happens in the video below (it shows the initial accident but not the subsequent collision).

It may be the drivers are not used to a race being called mid-stream, or perhaps they didn't hear the announcer  (hard to believe).  Regardless, there needs to be a better way to stop a race in progress.

Tracks are required to have a red flashing light which goes off when an accident occurs.  Perhaps it is time to add sirens which only the deaf would not be able to hear as required equipment to ensure drivers know it is time to pull up their horses regardless where in the race it is.  

In an embarrassing moment for quarter horse racing, Jockey Raul Valenzuela was arrested moments before riding in the biggest race on the quarter horse calendar, the All American Derby, for using a battery on another horse.  Good for officials to arrest the jockey.  Bad for officials to do it right before a big race.  Certainly there was a better time to make an arrest.

While the supporters of casino gaming in Massachusetts maintain a lead in the polls to repeal the casino gaming law in the Bay State, supporters of the repeal must have had their buoyed by the endorsement of their call for repeal by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D).  While the days of voters blindly voting one way or an other based on a single endorsement has long passed, Warren's endorsement for the anti-gaming motion coupled with opposition to gaming by the Democratic, Republican, and Independent candidates for Governor may be icing on the cake for the opposition.  It is probably more likely the Gubernatorial candidates opposition may hold more sway as voters for these candidates may be more inclined to vote against gaming when they cast their vote for Governor.

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