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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Horseplayers Unite: HANA Harness Needs You!

HANA Harness is a division of Horseplayers Association of North America (HANA).  You may have seen HANA Harness recently, as it is sponsoring HANA Harness' The Pen vs. The Chip Handicapping Challenge

As a division of HANA, HANA Harness allows HANA to represent harness racing horseplayers the same way as they represent the gambler's interest when it comes to thoroughbred racing. The more members of HANA Harness there are, the more influence HANA has with harness racing tracks. 

If you have not joined HANA yet, please consider doing so now.  If already a HANA member, you are asked to rejoin as there is now a place to indicate you want to be connected with HANA Harness.  When you attempt to rejoin, you will be sent a link to update your profile and all you need to do is check off HANA Harness to be counted as a harness racing fan (you can also sign up for thoroughbred racing as well).

Please stand up for your own interests now now and join HANA in representing harness racing horseplayers.

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