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Friday, April 23, 2010

Twitter Ban?

I won't be surprised if cell phones and handheld devices will be getting locked up when a person enters the paddock soon.  At a minimum, some type of ruling regarding when and what type of information can be broadcasted using these devices is forthcoming.  On Thursday, Driver Mark McDonald tweeted before the first race that he was going to give his mount an aggressive drive.  Could this information give certain gamblers an unfair advantage?

Perhaps not, but then again, the potential for modern technology being used to provide inside information to certain people can't be dismissed.  A tweet from a driver or trainer, and some insiders may have valuable information which may tell them to either wager on or lay off a particular horse.  The potential is there. 

Some may argue such a restriction on cell phones and handheld devices may be extreme.  However, it only takes one episode or chicanery to cause a lot of trouble.  Do we want to risk it.?


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