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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A NYCOTB Relief Bill Becomes a OTB Benefit Bill

The shafting of harness interests in New York continues. Not only is it expected that horsemen will have to take a 15% reduction in payments from NYCOTB, the proposed legislation will reduce payments from all OTBs in the state, even those that are solvent. So much for only providing temporary relief to a bankrupt entity. Also, the legislation will eliminate the dark day payments for one year (wink, wink); payments which were mandated to compensate the harness tracks for OTB's practice of taking in and giving priority to nighttime thoroughbred races from out of state tracks. Heaven forbid the proposed legislation mandate a New York First Policy while eliminating the dark day payments as compensation to the harness horsemen.

Ever notice how Yonkers Raceway has their post parade at post time? It is because Yonkers has been deliberately delaying post times in order to get their races shown on OTB's television channels. By delaying their post times, Yonkers gets approximately $200,000 more wagered on their cards. Imagine that? People like to watch the races they wager on.  Of course, Yonkers looks bad for doing this when it is not their fault.

Here is hoping the New York legislature can't come to an agreement on an OTB bailout, but I am not hopeful. They can't get rid of Patterson quick enough.

On a lighter note, as many of you are aware, Jody Jamieson is on a 10 day world wind tour of Finnish harness tracks.  Yesterday, Jody Jamieson became the first North American Driver to win a race driving a Finnish Coldblood horse.  The replay of that historic race can be seen here.   This was Jamieson's second win of the evening as he won another race with a 'regular' standardbred. 

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