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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WEG Cuts, Hunch Play

Starting April 1, horsemen on the WEG circuit will be racing for an average of 15% less due to decreased wagering.  A Woodbine spokesperson indicated racing a fifth day during the winter at Woodbine showed there was an oversupply of product. 

Some people are wondering if the revised urging rules have something to do with the decline in wagering.  One can't discount the possibility some gamblers have stayed away from Woodbine's product as a result, but to put all the blame on the urging rule is not fair.  For a good part of the year, Quebec residents were unable to wager on WEG's races as a result of the collapse of horse racing in their province.  In addition, racing an extra day during the winter didn't help things; there is only so much money available for gambling; if you divide the pie into more pieces, each slice is going to be smaller.  Lastly, let's not forget the economy is still soft and having an impact.

Are you a hunch player?  Then you need to circle April 5 on your calendar.  That is the day Monticello Raceway hosts their annual Passover Pace for Jewish drivers; part of their Heritage Driving Series.  Gefilte Fish, currently racing in $7,500 claimers at Flamboro Downs will be competing for driver/trainer/owner Sheldon Rose.  If a horse named Gefilte Fish racing in the Passover Pace is not a hunch bet, then you tell me what is?

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