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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good News Brief - Koshy's Kids

Despite all the problems standardbred racing has, there are good news stories to be had. One is the formal kick-off of Koshy's Kids, LLC. What is Koshy's Kids?

Koshy's Kids, LLC. is an organization that has been set up by the partnership of Slim Stables to raise awareness and funds for children with cancer. Based within the Standardbred racing industry, Slim Stables began as an ambition for an adult fighting cancer who desired to own a racehorse. Due to the efforts of many, he successfully pursued his dream and purchased his first horse, Kosher King. As Koshy became a part of Slim Stables, it was realized that the unconditional love and positive energy of this horse gave him a purpose beyond that of racing. After witnessing firsthand the intense comfort and soothing nature of the horse, it was decided to carry the good fortune forward and share it among children who are battling cancer.

The goal of Koshy's Kids is to raise the awareness of childhood cancer and to visit children who are suffering from the illness. The long term goal of this organization is to provide funding to help families dealing with the struggles of fighting childhood cancer. Not only is Kosher King an ambassador for the charity (his most recent appearance was at the DE Horse Expo), he races for the charity as well. In addition to Kosher King, there are other horses that race for Koshy's Kids. The board of Koshy's Kids consists of members of the standardbred community.  While doing this, the group brings good publicity to the sport of harness racing.

Koshy's Kids has started Koshy's Klub, a free club for kids of all ages to join. It is a fan club for Kosher King, the horse, and each child will receive a welcome packet from Koshy himself. Each month children will receive a newsletter to update them on the club and it will feature one child each month that needs some mail to cheer them up.

For more information on Koshy's Kids or on how your child may join Koshy's Klub, please visit Koshy's Kids, LLC on Facebook

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