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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reprieve at Freehold, Those Rascally Rabbits

Horsemen at Freehold received a lifeline at Freehold with word that Pennwood has agreed to take purse supplement money for the remainder of the 2010 racing meet.  Beginning this Thursday, purses for most classes will increase 30%.  Of course, this being the final year for the purse enhancement agreement, who knows what 2011 will bring? 

Those rascally rabbits at Northland Park have done it again.  If you recall on December 9, a rabbit got close enough to the inside rail in the stretch that it caused a horse to spook, resulting in an accident which caused injury to his driver.

NP Race 9, Dec. 9 from on Vimeo.

Well, last night those rabbits were at it again.  This time a rabbit decided to play a game of chicken.  The rabbit was on the track and when it saw the horses coming, it ran off the track and then decided to dart past the field as the horses were approaching.  Fortunately, this time the horses ignored the rabbit.

Rabbit scare - Feb. 5 from on Vimeo.

Perhaps it is time for the track to put up a small fence to keep those rascally rabbits of the track?  I don't think we need to wait until a driver gets killed. 


Scott Jeffreys said...

When the subsidies for racing of any type become the point of controversy and a "cost of operations", bad things are sure to follow. In Iowa, Harrah's now proposes closing the greyhound tracks, the very locations that the casinos were designed to save.

Harness racing just has to get out of the subsidy game and discover its own water level again. Without knowing where the industry really stands, only a decade at most stands between complete ruin and a chance to save itself.

Pacingguy said...

You know it, I know it. You would be surprised how much flack I am getting for this position in some circles.