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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Keeping Things Civil

While this blog has been around for only nine months, we have discussed a wide range of issues.  Certain topics I have discussed you have agreed with; others you may have not.  I always welcome the opportunity to have a discussion about the things I write; it is one of the reasons this blog exists.  Differing opinions allows us to discuss the issues important to harness racing.  I have never said I know it all.  By having this conversation, we all learn.

That being said, one thing this blog has prided itself on is being a place where we may have these discussions in a respectful manner.  I realize there are times passions may be raised, but there is no reason the conversation can't take place without name calling or otherwise getting abusive.  We all can get our points or frustrations expressed without going down that path.    

Since I have not stated this policy before, I have allowed certain comments which have straddled the line to be posted.  In the future, this will change.  Comments will either be edited (and noted as such) or no longer posted when they cross the line. 

Again, this policy is not intended to stiffle the conversation.  This blog has and will always welcome your feedback and comments.  It is a question of respect.  I ask you to give the same respect to others you would want from them.   

Thank you in advance.  I look forward to our future discussions.   

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