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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sold Out by the Governor

UPDATE: After this was written, it was learned that the Blue Ribbon Committee cancelled their monthly session after Governor Corzine's VLT comments were brought to light.

Well, after Governor Corzine's bombshell a couple of weeks ago regarding no VLTs in the Meadowlands, the question needs to be asked, what about his 'Blue Ribbon' panel? The answer is likely this panel was a means to avoid the issue until after election day. Here is an article from the Courier Post of Camden County which basically indicates the whole purpose of this committee has been undercut.

Being the Governor has basically tossed into the garbage the Rutgers study which shows the benefit of VLTs at the tracks and he has declared there will be no VLTs, what is the sense of this committee meeting? Other than saying continue with the subsidies which Atlantic City will not want to continue or if they do they will want to cut back, what else can they suggest that the governor won't ignore? Certainly looking for a handout from the state won't happen.

Racing officials can't say it, they depend on the government. From this perspective, racing in New Jersey is heading towards the dark ages. For sure it will be a slow steady decline, perhaps with some supplement money coming, but barring something significant changing in the next few years, harness racing will soon look like Monticello Raceway and thoroughbred racing in New Jersey will look like pre-VLT Penn National. It is not just the recent VLT decision. Ever read Corzine's welcoming letter in the Hambo program? It is basically a form letter which gets updated every year; change the date and it is good to go. Christie? He doesn't appear to be a friend of racing. Corzine campaign officials can gloss it up all they want but the bottom line is...

Governor Corzine has sold out racing for Atlantic City.

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