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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fair Start Rule Update

Word has been received that at the August 19th meeting of the New Jersey Racing Commission held at Monmouth Park, the racing commission voted to accept the petition requesting the implementation of a fair start rule in New Jersey. As a result of this decision, the NJRC will publish a proposed rule change along with a solicitation for public comment. At the end of a 60 day public comment period the racing commission will review the comments received and then decide whether to approve, modify or reject the proposed rule.

The fact this proposal got this far is good; the petition could have been rejected at the commission meeting. However, we can not rest on our laurels. Once the proposed rule change is published, it will be available online at the bottom of this page. If you want a fair start rule make sure you voice your support for the proposed rule by commenting during the 60 day public comment period (it must be in writing); those who don't want to see a fair start rule will certainly be raising their objections. I will try to publicize when the proposed rule change is published for comment.

Make sure to make your voice heard; after all, if you don't stand up for your interests, who will?

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