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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Word from Our Moderator

There are times articles on VFTRG stir passionate discussion; I know that.  Still, one of the principles of this blog is for the conversation to be civil and respectful.  It makes for a more pleasant reading experience for those who visit.  

Recently, there has been discussions which have, produced 'passionate' discussion.  Discussion which has caused some to cross over the line in their comments.  Worse yet, it has caused me to censor the comments which required me to either reject the comments and in a few occasions, edit which is a shame as some otherwise thoughtful opinions find themselves on the virtual cutting floor.

I realize there are some topics and personalities which invoke strong feelings but as strong as opinions may be, there is no place for name calling or personal attacks.  VFTRG has and will always be a community of civil discourse.  For those who feel the need for more 'colorful' conversation, there are other venues available be it harness racing or American politics.

Starting today, there will no longer be edited comments.  The comments will meet the standards of VFTRG or they will be rejected.

Thank you for your understanding.

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