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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Special Breeders Crown Open Victories

What can you say?  This year, we have been treated to one heck of a rivalry between Always B Miki and Wiggle It Jiggleit and it indeed came down to the Breeders Crown where Always B Miki found his gear late, make that very late, to defeat the WIJI in a 1:49 mile.

I still don't know how Dave Miller got the Breeders Crown Champion to find the winning brush at the very end of the mile but it was thrilling to say the least.

As Always B Miki heads off to the stud barn, we will remember this rivalry, albeit short, as one of the great ones.

With regards to the trotting side, Hannelore Hanover continues to amaze in her Breeders Crown victory last night in the FM Open Trot, winning her tilt in 1:53.3.  The four year old mare took control of the race midway down the backstretch and managed to hold strong down the stretch for the victory.

What amazes me is how this horse has handled her competition this year.  While not facing the boys in this race, she has down very well against them.  Female trotters have a history of being able to compete and win against the boys but Hannelore has been doing this at the age of four, early for this caliber of horses.  Most mares which defeat the boys tend to be older so it makes her wins even more special.

I came across an interesting article regarding Australian driver Maddison Brown who won the Preux Chevalier Classic at Gloucester Park.  That in itself is not overly newsworthy but the fact she has begun the process of becoming a jockey is.

What I found interesting (and inane) is local rules will not allow her to participate in harness racing once she begins riding in trials (training races for runners).  If Ms. Brown or anyone else wants to participate in harness racing and thoroughbred racing at the same time, why not?  Granted, a person participating in both forms of racing (owners excluded) may be at a disadvantage when compared to someone who is dedicated to one particular form of racing, but shouldn't it be their call?  Maybe Brown is the rare person who can excel in both forms of racing, maybe she isn't, but isn't it up to those who would choose to engage her as a driver or jockey to make this decision?

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