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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Catching Up

I'm back!   A lot has been going on over the past two weeks while I have been busy working on a different aspect of harness racing so the blog slowed down quite a bit.  In a way it is unfair, but when you have an opportunity to work on something you love, other things take a back seat.

That said, I am going to try to balance my efforts so I can dedicate time to both this blog as well as the other project.  Not only will it allow me to keep this blog active, it will add some balance (and sanity) to my life.

First of all, my sympathy to the families of Joe Marsh Jr. and George Berkner.    Two more names of people I felt a connection to in the sport are gone.  Maybe it is nostalgia, but no one in the current crop of personalities can match the panache of those who have recently departed.  Alas, the sands of time continue to pass.

Boy, it didn't take long did it?  Two years into subsidies for horse racing and there are cries to end the subsidizing of horse racing in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.   The Patriot Leader calls subsidizing horse racing investing into a moribund industry; an industry it claims was already dead before the casinos came into the state.  While the editorial was correct in mentioning the industry was on death's door before the first casino came into the Commonwealth, it doesn't consider the fact most wagering occurs off-track, from states where casinos have captured many a horseplayer.

As much as I love Meadowlands racing, I am further convinced the East Rutherford facility needs to rethink its schedule big time  Instead of racing two days a week for a good part of the year, wouldn't they do better if they raced four days a week in the months of January-March and then return for a 'Championship' meeting July-August?

Adios Pick - While most people will be looking for Racing Hill to win the Race for the Orchids, my pick is Manhattan Beach.  If you are looking for an off the radar type of selection since many of the Adios winners are ones that are basically off the radar, Fernando Hanover is a possibility despite the 8 hole.  In the Adioo Volo, the filly companion stake, Newborn Sassy gets my top nod.

How bad is NJ breeding?  Only five horses go in the SBOA Classic, just making it to the wagering card.  As bad as it is, the fillies are even in worse shape as a quartet of 3yo filly pacers make it to the filly companion stake for state-bred which will be contested prior to the evenings regular program.

Speaking of the Meadowlands, the Reynolds for 3yo trotters is being contested in one division with Hambletonian favorite Southwind Frank appearing to be the one who has an easy night of it despite being saddled with a second tier starting position.  If you are looking for a bomb special for the day, you amy want to look at Desert Runner as he picks up the services of John Campbell.  If they hae him straightened out, he may make a show of it.

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