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Friday, March 25, 2016

The long goodbye continues ...

by Peter Lawrence, VFTRG Contributor

... at the very defunct former standardbred training facility, Showplace Farms, Millstone Twp., N.J.

It closed last October, I believe, and has been getting taken apart, piece by piece, ever since.

These photos are from a visit I made there last Friday.

In the first shot, an orange "007" can barely be seen on part of one of the entrance gates. I believe that was a lot number from the public auction of every part of the place which wasn't nailed down.

The main gate. All photos by Peter Lawrence.

And some parts that were nailed down.
So I guess someone bought the gates.

The second shot is the main driveway, obviously.
The main driveway.
The third is a view through a paddock running along Route 33 of what may have been trainer Linda Toscano's barn.
A now empty paddock.
The roof is being removed over there. I'm pretty sure many of the other barns, which have played host to many champion racehorses, have already been demolished.

The final photo is of the sign in front of nearby Gaitway Farm.
Gaitway Farms, still going.

Gaitway is still up, running, and as far as I know, healthy.

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Anonymous said...

The "goodbye" sadly passed months ago....and I'm not sure what would be "interesting" or "appealing" about these pictures (which are irrelevant to most, and just sad for others). Perhaps one day showing some nice shots of the farm in its "glory days" would make for a better blog entry?