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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Road to Solvalla Goes Through East Rutherford

If you are an owner of a North American trotter and want to compete in the Elitlopp, there is only one sure way to punch your ticket to Solvalla; you need to have your horse compete at the Meadowlands on Sunday, May 8 in the first leg of TVG FFA Series for trotters.  Yes, Sunday, May 8, in a special matinee program starting at 1:10pm.

The Elitlopp Playoff, is limited to the 12 trotters with the highest earnings (3yos and up) in 2015-16 which enter the race.  If more than 10 horses drop in, the race will be contested at 1 1/8 miles.  10 horses or less and the race goes at the standard mile race.

Of course, if you want an automatic entry into the Elitlopp, be prepared to race without trotting hopples and furomeside (Salix) because neither are allowed in the Elitlopp.

So we learn the barn at Classy Lane had no sprinkler system or smoke detectors.  This doesn't surprise me as we have seen too many barn fires involving race horses and pleasure horses.  What I want to know is why don't we learn from our mistakes and improve the fire protection systems?  It should be a requirement if you operate a public barn facility, you need to have some type of fire detection or protection system(s) installed in order to take in outside horses.  Will this be the fire which changes all that?  I tend to doubt it.

Here is a video from Hawthorne where they explain why they have brought harness racing back to their facility.  It's worth a look.


Anonymous said...

I'll second your call to require fire protection in horse barns that operate as a business. These are difficult to equip because they're large and different areas need different types of protection. Sprinklers work in some areas, but not all, and there must be a reliable source of water. Barns usually need multiple protection systems. Expensive for sure, but it's a one time installation cost. Compared to annual premiums to insure individual horses (if an owner can even afford those payments), fire protection costs less.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, Sunday, May 6, in a special matinee program starting at 1:10pm." This is a joke, right? The Meadowlands is barely able to fill two cards a week at this time of year. How will they be able to have any more races other than the one Elotlopp qualifier? Also, May 6, 2016 is a Friday.

Pacingguy said...


Thanks for the correction on the date. As for how they will fill the card, there is no racing that Friday, so there will still be only two cards that weekend.