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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Rebuttal from the NYGA

Back on February 14, Alan Schwartz, President of the MHHA, had offered an opinion where he indicated the New York Gaming Association (NYGA) was attempting to destroy horse racing in the state of New York.  You may read that statement here.  

Now admittedly, when you have a dispute, emotions get high and some hyperbole is used.  That being said, the NYGA has issued a statement by Erin Dennin, Director of Communications, responding to Schwartz's comments.  You may read her remarks here.

As far as I am concerned, I am not aware of any evidence of any track looking to end racing in the state at present.  Will there be a time down the road when racetracks decide to decouple their casino operations from racing?  No one can say but I wouldn't be surprised.  But I suspect it will be more the result of inertia by racing stakeholders than any secret plans.

As we have seen in Ontario and as John Campbell spoke about in Ohio, slots are not a divine right, they can be taken away at a moments notice.  The key is to take advantage of slots while you have them to revamp racing rather than just pocketing the money.  For sure, some steps have been taken, namely expanding the market for races abroad, but domestically, it is basically still an overproduction of the same old product. 

The key is for racing to use slot revenue to re-innovate the product than producing more of the same old same old.  We seem to be stuck in a rut which quite honestly, most seem content to be in.  I would suggest the biggest enemy to racing in New York and elsewhere is racing itself.

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