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Thursday, December 20, 2012


The OHHA is looking to build a new racetrack to replace the now shuttered Windsor Raceway, seeking to lay claim to the $7 million remaining in the purse account at Windsor Raceway.  All I have to say is "Wow". 

Have the horsemen learned anything from the current events in Ontario?  In a province where half the tracks are expected to stop racing due to the Government's plan to offer a subsidy (a forced contraction if you will), the OHHA horsemen are looking to add more racing to the province .  In other words, what better way to resolve decreased funding racing is going to have to deal with by adding more racing so the tracks can complete against them for the fewer horses and purse money available?

If there is any horsemen's group which should understand racing needs to scale back and race less days overall, it is those in Ontario here they are seeking to add racing dates to their own circuit.

Even if the horsemen think the province can support additional racing, let the situation in Ontario settle and then make the evaluation as to the viability of another track.

Congratulations to Chapter Seven for winning the USHWA's Dan Patch Award for Horse of the Year, defeating stablemate Market Share and pacer Captaintreacherous.  One can't argue with Chapter Seven's selection, but it is somewhat disappointing that it had to go to a horse who made less than ten starts this season. 

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